Resident Slider, by HurriKain

Chapter Seven


The scream cut into Maggie and Rebecca's conversation.

"That sounded like Remmy!" Maggie shouted as she ran out of the study.

"It sounded like it came from the stairwell," Rebecca said, running after her friend.

Remmy struggled to get back to the offices, but the pain kept growing with each beak pounding on him. For each bird he knocked off, another swooped in for a meal.

"AHHH!! HELP!!!!!!!" Remmy screamed as the pecking became unbearable.

Maggie and Rebecca finally reached the stairwell, to the sight their companion being attacked by crows. Most of the birds circled him while the others enjoyed their living meal.

"Remmy!" Maggie yelled as she ran towards her friend, but collided with one of the flying devils. Suddenly, some of the crows that were circling Remmy noticed the two women and started flying towards them.

"Step aside!"

Maggie turned around to see Chief Coneby running toward them with a flamethrower. She and Rebecca ran out of the room as they watched the chief spray fire on the undead crows as they swooped at him. Deafening screeches filled the area as each crow fell victim to the flame, while the ones attacking Remmy gave up their meal to try to snack on Coneby. Maggie ran in to get Remmy, who was clearly still in a lot of pain. As she guided him to the door, she noticed that some of the birds were still flying with flames blazing from their wings. She brought him to a wall across the hall and sat him down.

"Remmy! Are you all right?" Rebecca said as she ran back to him. Then a couple of officers ran to the scene.

"What's going on?" said one of them. Then Coneby walked out of the room with the flamethrower nozzle leaving a trail of smoke.

"Where did these birds come from?" he asked the fallen Remmy.

"They...came through...the windows..." Remmy said as he tried to talk through the pain.

"Dammit!" the chief exclaimed and looked at the two officers. "I want this door sealed, got it?"

"Yes sir." The two said in unison as they ran to get barricades.

Then the chief turned to Rebecca. "Medic?"

"Yes sir," Rebecca said as she awaited her order.

"Give this man some medical attention. After you treat him, I want you in my office, is that clear?"

"Yes sir." Rebecca turned to Remmy to help him up.

"Come on, big guy. You're in good hands now."

The dogs kept snarling and barking as they gained on Mallory and Diana. Mallory had gotten used to running from dogs before but these mutts were VERY persistent. All of a sudden, the two sliders ran into a dead end. When they turned around, they saw the dogs edging slowly towards them, growling.

"Mallory!" Diana yelled, clinging to her friend.

"I guess this is goodbye..." Mallory said, holding her. One dog continued walking while the other two stopped. Its open wound bled in anticipation for the kill.

"Goodbye." Diana said softly as they both closed their eyes. Then the dog jumped towards them.....


Before the dog landed on the two sliders, its head exploded.

Mallory still held on as the fragment landed on them both.

"Hey, up here!"

Mallory and Diana let go of each other and looked up. It was someone in uniform sticking out of one of windows in the nearby building. He was holding out a Magnum.

"Get down!" he instructed two bystanders as the two remaining dogs began their attack. As they were running for the kill, the gunman aimed at the open wound of one dogs and fired. The force of the bullet was so strong that it sent the dog flying into a nearby wall. Then he aimed at the second dog, which was ready to pounce on the sliders.

"Oh no." Mallory said as he saw the dog leaping towards him. Then like the first dog before him, it's head exploded upon impact from the bullet. It's remnants landed on Mallory, who was in shock.

"Stay there! I'll be right down." The stranger yelled as he disappeared inside the building.

"Are you okay, Mallory?" Diana panted as she picked some of the fragments off of him.

"Never better." Mallory said sarcastically.

"Well, it could be worse." Diana replied. "Uh... I'm not touching that."

Mallory looked at what she was pointing to. It was a piece of one of the dogs' jaw clinging to his shirt by the teeth.

"AH!!!" Mallory screamed as he knocked it off.

"Well, look on the bright side. I least we found help." Diana said cockily.

"Now who's the smart ass," Mallory said bitterly.

Diana smiled at the remark.

Chapter Eight

"OW!" Remmy yelled. Rebecca was treating him on a desk in an isolated office.

"Quit whining." She applied some First-Aid spray and lay bandages on his wounds. "You only came out with some cuts and bruises. You could have been pecked and eaten to death. Trust me, I've seen it happen."

"You mean those birds were like those zombies out there?"

"Yep, every human, animal and plant has fell victim to the T-Virus. Compliments of the Umbrella Corporation."


"Maggie should fill you in at the briefing. All done!" Rebecca said as she treated the last wound, then she pulled out a bag of mixed herbs. "The First Aid spray should take care of the wounds, but if the pain comes back, take these. I think you should rest for a while. You're going to need it." Then she sprinted away. Remmy, putting the herbs in his pocket, walked to a nearby couch and lay down.

"Man, T-Virus...Umbrellas... I just hope it wasn't some weight loss fad..." Remmy thought to himself as he closed his eyes.

While waiting for Remmy's treatment to finish, Maggie decided to have a look around. She considered passing by the Radio Assembly Team to offer some insight, but didn't have the knowledge of electronics to be of any help. It was times like these that she wished Quinn were here. Then she thought that maybe the team would have a better chance fixing the radio with Diana lending her knowledge. From there, her thoughts shifted to Diana and Mallory's well being. She wondered about what they were doing right now and prayed for their safety. She then checked into a room she'd passed earlier, with the shocked police officer. He looked in his early thirties and was nervously sipping a cup of coffee. Maggie felt sorry for him and walked in to offer some comfort.

"Hi..." She said.

The man turned his head towards her then stares back his coffee.

"Hey." He replied.

"Uh... my name's Maggie Beckett. What's yours?"

"Spahn. Officer Andreas Spahn. What brings you here?"

"Well... you looked a little depressed and I thought that you could use some company."

"Yeah. That's very nice of you." He said as he stirred the coffee with his index finger.

"Yeah." Maggie said, twiddling her thumbs. "Uh, want to share what's been troubling you?"

"Have you ever had someone very close to you die?"

"Well, yeah. We all do but..."

"Have you ever watched them die?"

Maggie couldn't answer.

"Well, I had the misfortune to watch my partner AND my family being torn to shreds by those monsters. I wanted to protect them but I couldn't..."

"My God. I...I'm so sorry to hear that..."

Spahn raised his head and looked at her. "Well, don't be. It's my fault. If I would have reacted quicker on the field or contacted my family before they came..."

"Don't worry about it. You didn't know what you were getting into. Rebecca told me that there was no way you and the rest of the police force could've been prepared for a zombie attack."

"I guess you're right, but I... these images keep haunting me. Seeing my partner being devoured alive... my wife.... my son... oh, God!" he said as he starts crying.

All Maggie could do was to pat his back. She couldn't imagine what this man went through. It was like he had been through hell and back... or maybe not quite back.

"I tried to save them...I tried..."

This world was hell, wasn't it? All thanks to some overambitious corporation with a license to tamper with nature...

It's only a matter of time till we get out of here, she repeated silently, only a matter of time.

Chief Coneby was pacing around his office. His face was covered in sweat, which was odd because the central A/C was on. He started thinking that it was probably the stress when he heard a knock on his door.

"Come in," he said as he rubbed his neck.

The door opened and Rebecca stepped inside. "You wanted to see me, sir?"

"Yes, Rebecca. How was your patient?"

"He's going to be fine. Another minute though, and he'd have been bird food by now."

"Oh. Well, glad to hear that, because I have a job for you."


"It turns out that our men may need some more equipment repairing the radio. I need you to go out again."

"Wait a sec. Its dark out there; it's sure to be more dangerous now."

"I know, but we have to risk it. You will be provided more ammo and another firearm for your new friend."

"You mean, Maggie's coming with me?"

"Yeah. Maybe that will boost her confidence to know that you are also looking for any trace of her companions. And I just received a transmission from Mancuso from the outside on my radio. I couldn't make it out, but it's an... <cough, cough> ...indication that he alive."

"What about Remmy? Isn't he coming too?"

"No. He needs his rest. It wouldn't make sense to get him into any more danger."

"I guess you're right."

"Okay. You should get prepared and give Maggie a briefing. Then go to Officer Lane for your armaments."

"Yes, sir." Rebecca said as she walked to the door.

"Oh, and Rebecca...." The chief said, stopping the medic in her tracks.


"Be careful."

"I will." Then she ran out. The chief was once again alone, scratching his neck while he pondered. It's the stress, he thought to himself, it has to be the stress.

Chapter Nine

As soon as the stranger came down to meet Diana and Mallory, more zombie dogs ambushed them; only this time there were no bullets in the officer's Magnum. After running a few blocks, they sought refuge in the lobby of a nearby theatre.

"Thanks for your help back there." Diana said, trying to catch her breath.

"No problem. Mind telling me who you are?" the officer said.

Then Mallory stepped in. "I'm Quinn Mallory and this is Diana Davis. We sorta got lost."

"Lost?" The officer laughed. "I'm surprised you SURVIVED this hellish place, with the outbreak and all."

"Outbreak?" Diana said in shock.

"Oh, sorry for lack of introduction. I'm Robert Mancuso. I'm with the SFPD's S.T.A.R.S. unit."

"S.T.A.R.S.?" Mallory said, confused.

"You guys really know about this? It's kinda hard to believe that you were out there without catching the T-virus, let alone dying."

"Well..." Diana said, trying to think of a bogus explanation. "Uh... it's a long story."

The officer then turned his head towards Mallory.

"Don't look at me. One moment I was taking a nap, the next I woke up with zombies banging down my door. I didn't know what the hell was going on."

"Yeah, some nap," the S.T.A.R.S. member said under his breath.

"Excuse me." Diana said, trying to change the subject, "We were separated from a couple of friends of ours. Have you seen them around?"

"No, and I doubt that they're still alive. I'm sorry."

Diana looked saddened when she heard his answer. "Are you the only one in your unit?"

"Nope." Mancuso replied. "We have plenty more members and officers back at HQ. I would take you there, but we're several miles away right now, and I can't go back until I can gather up some supplies for the survivors."

"I see." Diana said.

Mallory decided to take a walk around the lobby, which was littered with trash and popcorn. It was barely lit since most of the ceiling lights were blown out. He decided he should get a candy bar from behind the counter. After checking for any surprise zombies and monsters, he reached inside the counter for his prize.

"Mallory." Diana whispered.

The call alerted Mallory so much that he hit his head on the countertop.

"Sorry, are you hurt?"


Diana ran at the back of the counter and grabbed some ice in a bin near the soda machine and placed on Mallory's head.

"Thanks." He said, holding the ice in place.

"Your welcome."

"Where's G.I. Joe?"

"He went to take a walk around. Why?"

"Didn't he mention he was a part of a special police unit called 'S.T.A.R.S'?"


"Remember that big monster that we saw back at the shop and that it kept saying 'STARS'?"

"You mean... maybe that thing is after him?"

"And others like him. And if I'm right, it's even more dangerous if we travel with him."

"But we don't have a choice. What if the others had found someplace safe or met another S.T.A.R.S. member? There's a slight chance that we will still make the slide out of here."

"You may be right, but now, my faith in finding Remmy and Maggie is growing slim. Let just hope that we..."


The two sliders looked up and saw Mancuso waiting for them.

"Well, I couldn't find anything here. I say we rest a few minutes before we move out again. Try to stay low."

"Hey Maggie!" Remmy said as he walked inside the room where Maggie was comforting Spahn. "I see you made a new friend."

Remmy walked closer and saw that Maggie's 'new friend' was sobbing.

"What's wrong?" Remmy said.

"This guy has been through a lot, Remmy." Maggie said, rubbing Spahn's back. "He lost his whole family out there to those zombies."

"I'm sorry to hear that." Remmy said. The officer looked up and saw that there was another person in the room.

"<sniff> Oh, sorry. I didn't know you were there." Spahn said, wiping away his tears.

"Well, a man has to break down and cry sometimes." Remmy said. "And considering your situation, I don't see a reason not to."

"Yeah, thanks." The officer said.

"You need anything?" Maggie asked.

"Well, maybe some hand towels." Spahn said, revealing a small smile.

Just then, Rebecca ran in the room. "It's official. The chief is letting me back out and he told me that I can take you with me, Maggie."

"That's great." Maggie said. "What about Remmy?"

"The chief said that he should stay here and rest."

"Now wait." Remmy said. "I'm all rested up. Is there a way that I can tag along?"

Rebecca look at Remmy disappointed, "I wish I could let you, but the chief had already made clearance for weapons and ammo only to Maggie and I."

"Then take this."

The three of them turned around and saw Spahn taking his handgun out of his holster and handing it to Remmy. "It won't do me any good here. You take it." He said.

"Thank you." Remmy said.

"That was very kind of you." Maggie said, and gave Spahn a kiss on the cheek. "I'll find some way to repay you."

"Don't mind that. Just go out there and be careful."

Maggie smiled as the three of them walked out of the room.

The chief ran inside the restroom, dashed straight to the sink and turned on the cold water. For some reason, he couldn't stop sweating and itching. For relief, he splashed some water on his face and looked at the mirror above the sink. He noticed that his eyes were losing color.

"My God. What's happening to me?"

He then looked at his arms, which were spotted with rotten flesh.

"Oh no. Oh God no."

He tried to walk himself back to the hallway, but collapsed, writhing in pain. When he rose back up, he felt odd.

He was hungry.

"Hey, I see you're bringing along a couple of friends." A uniformed woman said behind an oak desk in an office near the building's entrance. The three of them were inside to get their assigned weapons.

"This is Susan Lane. She's the S.T.A.R.S. weapon expert." Rebecca introduced her.

"At your service." She said.

"Okay," Maggie said in her "take charge" persona. "For me, this is a matter of Search and Rescue. What kind of firepower you have?"

"Tough one, aren't you." Lane said. "All we have is a Shotgun and an Assault Rifle. But the ammo we have for them are limited."

"Let her have the AR. That thing's too heavy for me." Rebecca giggled.

Lane then turned her attention towards Remmy. "I don't have orders to supply you with anything. If you're going with Rebecca, what are you going to do when you run into trouble?"

Remmy holds up Spahn's handgun. "Hopefully this'll be enough."

Lane laughed. "You must be kidding right. Well, at least let me slip you a couple of clips. You'll be needing it."

"Thanks." Remmy said as all three of them have taken their assigned weapons.

"Y'all be careful out there." She yelled as the three of them walked out of the building.

Spahn was sipping his coffee when he heard someone stumbling in the room. He looked to see Chief Coneby trying to keep his composure.

"Hey chief." He said. "You don't look so good, are you all right?"

The chief looked up to reveal that he was wearing sunglasses. "Oh, Spahn. It's you?"

"Yeah. What is it?"

The chief then turned to close and lock the door. "I just needed to talk to you, that's all." He then tried to walk towards the officer.

"Well, what's on your mind?"

"Well... I know you have been, <cough>, going through a lot. With the death of your loved ones, and all. I just wanted to say I'm sor..."

Then the chief collapsed, this time the sunglasses fell off. Spahn got up and rushed to the chief's aid. "Are you alright? What's wron..." When the chief looked up, the officer could see the absence of color in his eyes.

"My God. You're one of them." Spahn said with shock and ran for the door. Once he got there, he was having trouble trying to undo the locks. When he unlocked the last one, he felt Coneby grabbing his neck and then snapping it. The chief watched as Spahn's now lifeless body fell to the floor, watching with its eye of hunger. He didn't feel any remorse for what he had done. He must feed. That's all that matters. Then he lowered himself with his mouth open, ready to consume his meal.

Out in the hallway, the crunching sound echoed, but it fell on deaf ears as the officers and S.T.A.R.S. members across the hall were still busy with the radio. They also failed to notice the pool of blood growing from underneath the doorway.

Chapter Ten

Back at the theatre, Mallory and Diana sat in a balcony overlooking the stage, snacking on candy and stale popcorn. They didn't care what condition the food was in because they hadn't eaten in a while and figured anything was better than nothing.

"Ahhh..." Mallory said, nestled in his seat. "Great view, isn't it?"

"What good is a view when there's nothing to watch." Diana said.

"C'mon, cheer up. Use a little imagination."

Diana rolled her eyes.

"Look, I know we're in a bad situation. But we're safe here so at least we can make the best of it. So, tell me what do you see..."

Diana lost her guard. "Cats."

Mallory sat up. "No, anything but that."

"Okay..." Diana smiled. "How about Macbeth?"

"That works. I read the play and passed the test in high school." Mallory said, smiling back.

"Opening scene, three witches..."

"Eye of newt, tongue of dog...wait...I know the rest, don't tell me...."

Diana laughed. "Guess you should've studied more."

"Hey, uh, Diana, was it?" Mancuso appeared on the isle behind them. He appears to be holding a shotgun.

"Yes." She replied.

Mallory looked at his newly acquired firearm. "Where you get that?"

"I found this at the manager's office, fully loaded with a box of cartridges." He replied, then he turned his attention back to Diana.

"Can I speak to you for a second?"

"Sure." Diana said. Then she turned to Mallory. "Don't worry, it'll come to you."

"Smart-ass." Mallory said as she left.

Diana followed the S.T.A.R.S. member back to the lobby.

"What is it?" Diana asked.

"Back at the alley, your friend said that your name was Diana Davis, right?"


"As in 'Dr. Diana Davis'?"

"Yes, why?"

The officer gave Diana a stern look. "So, that would explain your survival."

"What?" Diana said, looking confused.

"I read all about you when I was looking around and..."

Suddenly the two of them was interrupted by something banging on the oak doors outside the theatre.

"What is that?" Mancuso said.

Then, they heard a bone-chilling roar, which sounded familiar to Diana. The last time she heard it was back at the shop. "Mallory was right," Diana thought.

"We need to get out of here, quick!" Diana said, running to alert Mallory.

"What are you talking about? What's going on?"

"I'll explain later, we need to get out of here NOW!!!!"

Mallory ran downstairs; looking at a now panicked Diana while the banging was getting louder. "What's wrong?"

"I guess the Lysol wasn't effective enough."

"Damn it, is there a back exit to this place?" Mallory asked the officer.

"Yeah, follow me." Mancuso said, and all three of them bolted when the door was about of give.

"Hey guys, take a look at this!" Maggie yelled as she stopped near an entrance of a nearby shop. Her, Remmy and Rebecca have been looking around the streets and nearby buildings for supplies and, hopefully, a sign of their friends. When the two remaining members of the search party joined her, they looked at the now shattered door.

"It looks someone, or something rammed it through." Maggie said.

"My God." Remmy said. "Can a zombie do this much damage?"

"No." Rebecca said. "But I bet I know who did."

"What?" Maggie asked.

"If I'm right, Umbrella must've sent down one of their Bio-Weapons. I ran into one before and, trust me, it ain't pretty."

Remmy went to take a look inside. After a quick look around, he turned to his friends, "Well, whatever it was, it's gone now. Let's see if we can find anything."

The other two agreed and split up, Remmy handling the front of the shop, Rebecca walking the isles and Maggie exploring the back. When Maggie walked near the back exit, she noticed something next to a spilled bottle of Lysol, a strip of dead skin and a small piece of leather.

"Oh my God. REMMY!" Maggie yelled as she picked up the object.

When Remmy ran towards Maggie, she turned to Remmy and held out what she found.

"It's the PDL." She said.

"Diana..." Remmy said, then looked at the Lysol and dead skin. "What happened here?"

Rebecca walked up from behind them and kneeled to examine the skin. "I can tell that this came from no zombie, and judging by that thing your friend dropped, it looks like they had a brush with one of Umbrella's Bio-Weapons. It looks like your friend has gotten away, because these things are rather slow."

"You mean... there's a chance that they are still alive?" Maggie asked.

"Yes. Let's hope they found someplace safe. I found a few things here, let continue to look around." Rebecca said as she walked out of the shop. Remmy, seeing the opportunity, took out the timer from his pocket to read how much time was left.

"What does it say?" Maggie said.

"13 hours and some change." Remmy answered. "Let's just keep looking, we will probably find them in a few hours. Hopefully, we won't have to run into that thing that attacked them."

Chapter Eleven

Mallory, Diana and Mancuso stopped as they hurried through the back exit, which led into yet another alleyway. As they paused for a moment to catch their breath, they heard a loud crash from inside the building.

"Can somebody tell me what the hell we're running from?" Mancuso said.

"We don't know what IT is," Mallory said, after taking a few deep breaths, "All I can tell you is that we had a little run-in with that thing earlier."

"Somebody better tell me what the hell is going on." Mancuso said, eying Diana.

"We don't know." Diana said. "That thing almost killed Mallory. All we know that it's big and fast."

"Like an ex-49ers running back." Mallory added.

Mancuso grunted, then led the others down the alley. "Look, I STILL don't know WHAT we're running from, and your description isn't helping. But it looks like its safe for the time being. And as for Dr. Davis, I think its time for you to..."

The officer's order was cut off when the three of them heard a door open. When they turned around, they saw the large creature. Once it saw them, it threw its arms in the air and let out a horrible roar. Mancuso's jaw dropped as he looked at the monster, its strange leather attire flowing as it walks towards them.

"Jesus." Mancuso said, as he didn't notice Mallory and Diana starting to take off without him.

The monster leered at him. "S.T.A.R.S." it spoke. Mancuso readied his weapon and fired several cartridges into the abomination, but it still marched toward him. Then the officer felt someone grabbing his shoulder.

"Come on!" Mallory said pull him. Mancuso did as he was told and both men ran down the alley. Seeing its fleeing prey, the creature bolted after them.

"What the hell was that?" Maggie said as she heard the monster's roar from a distance.

"I don't know, but no zombie could've made that." Rebecca responded. The two women and Remmy were searching another building, this time a TV repair shop, when the roar caught their attention.

"Did it sound like the Bio-Weapon you mentioned?" Remmy asked while he was packing up some tools.

"It didn't sound like the one I encountered." Rebecca said, gathering some circuits and fuses.

"Let's not worry about that now. Let's just pack up what we need here and then we can search for Diana and Mallory. They have to be somewhere."

Remmy and Rebecca agreed as they packed up with the last of the equipment. Rebecca turned to Remmy to ask him something until something caught her eye. She noticed the timer sticking out of Remmy's pocket.

"What's that?" Rebecca said as she stealthily snatched the device from its holding place.

"Hey!" Remmy shouted.

"Sorry, just curious." Rebecca smiled. "It kinda looks like a remote... and what are these numbers doing there and what is it counting down to?"

Remmy and Maggie looked at each other.

"Uh..." Maggie said, trying to think up a good lie. Rebecca gave them both a stern look.

Maggie looked back at Remmy, "Should we tell her?"

Remmy looked down, "Well, it wouldn't hurt to tell her now. She's helped us out many times before. I think she deserves the truth."

"Tell me what?" Rebecca said, smiling.

Mallory, Diana and Mancuso hastened through a series of alleyways, trying to lose their pursuer, but to no avail. So far, the chase had taught them that the monster possessed extreme persistence coupled with enough intelligence to open doors. At each turn, the officer stopped and readied his weapon, unloading a few rounds into the charging creature, but it had no effect. The three humans ran through an open doorway, which led to another street with a large building at one side of it. The officer looked around and saw a dumpster near the door.

"Mallory, close the door." Mancuso yelled as he ran towards the dumpster.

Mallory did as he was told and ran to help the S.T.A.R.S. member. They had the dumpster in place in seconds.

"That thing won't hold him for long." Mancuso said as the creature was ramming the barricaded door. "Follow me."

The officer led the sliders to a large gate in front of the building. On one side of the marble archway, there was a sign that read:

San Francisco Police Department
3rd Precinct

Once the three crossed the gate, they heard the dumpster crash into the ground and another roar.

"In here," the officer said, directing the sliders inside the building before going in himself. The interior was huge. The hallways were lined with statues and paintings. Not far from the entrance a long, half-circular desk was lined with computer terminals. Mancuso acted fast as he ran towards a computer, quickly swiping his ID card and typing feverishly. Mallory and Diana stood near the desk as the officer worked. The creature's footsteps were growing louder.

"What the hell are you doing?!?" Diana yelled as his panic grew.

"Give me a second!" Mancuso yelled back, still typing. Then a loud beep came from the terminal. "YES!!!" the officer cheered.

The two sliders heard a loud click near them. They assumed that Mancuso was activating the station's security system, and that he had just locked the front door. Mallory and Diana were beginning to walk away when they door shook. The monster continued to ram the metallic door, but the lock seemed to be withstanding every blow.

"Phew," Mancuso said, wiping the sweat off his brow. "Good to know I can still act on my feet."

Both Mallory and Diana breathed a sigh of relief.

"It's about time." Mallory quipped.

"What? No 'Thank you'?" the officer said. "I need to get something from my office. It's best for you to come with me." The officer leered at Diana before walking off to the nearby elevator.

"I think he has a crush on you." Mallory whispered.

"Shut up!" Diana said as she followed the officer's lead. Inside the elevator, the control panel displayed that the building had four floors, and Mancuso pressed the button for the fourth one. As the elevator arrives at their chosen floor, the three walked down a long hallway before reaching their destination. On the side of the door, it read:

Special Tactics And Rescue Service Department
Main Offices

Inside, the first thing the sliders noticed was an apparently intact communications center on one side of the room. There were 4 pairs of desks along the adjacent wall, each desk facing each other. On the other end, they saw an office reserved for the chief of S.T.A.R.S.

Mallory and Diana walked back and forth, looking at the mess of papers and files that blanketed each desk while Mancuso rummaged in the chief's office.

"Robert Mancuso... Vincent Columbus... Rebecca Chambers... Susan Lane..." Mallory said as he read each nameplate.

"For a special unit of law enforcement, they sure don't know how to keep things tidy." Diana remarked.

"That's because we were busy investigating Umbrella." Mancuso said as he walked out of the small office. He was reloading his Magnum as he looked coldly at Diana. "I knew the chief had a stash somewhere."

"Excuse me," Mallory spoke, "Didn't mean to disturb your little chit chat but I think you know what that creature is.

"Nope, never saw it before."

"We all heard that monster's one word vocabulary, clearly he has some beef with you guys."

"Hey, why don't you ask her? I bet she probably know what that thing is." Mancuso said as he pointed his gun at Diana.

"What?! What are you doing?" she said.

"Oh drop the act, Dr. Diana Davis. I read some files on you."

"What are you getting at?" Mallory asked.

"It might come as a shock, but your friend here is one of Umbrella's top scientists, and she was a MAJOR factor in the production of the T-virus. If you don't believe me, check out the file on my desk. As far as I know, she may have caused this whole mess."

"Umbrella? T-virus?"

"Just look in the damn file!"

Mallory did as the officer said while Diana tried reasoning with him. "Look... this seems to be a big misunderstanding. If you can let me explain..."

"No!" the officer said, aiming the weapon at her head. "Don't bullshit me, Doctor. My wife is now one of those undead things because of your research, your breakthroughs. You either tell me what you know, or I'll blow your goddamn head off."

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