[ H I L L S L I D E ]
 [ by HurriKain ]
1 The vortex opened at the middle of a street, spitting out the Sliders one by one on the dry cement before closing. All four of them managed to land on their feet without any complications. As the four strangers land, the thought of celebrating crossed their minds.

"Woo-Hoo! Good-Bye Zombie-world!" Mallory cheered.

Remmy began to smile, but regressed when he saw his surroundings. They were standing in the middle of a four-way street but surrounded by thick fog. So thick, in fact, that it was impossible to make out any other structures, just thick gray vapor. What was also unusual was that the area was eerily silent.

"What the hell?" Remmy uttered, almost expecting an echo to bounce back to him.

"Where is everyone?" Diana asked, looking around.

"That's strange," Maggie uttered, "we slid during the afternoon. There should be some activity."

Mallory lifted his head and cupped his hands over his mouth. "Hello!!" No response, not even an echo. "Strange indeed. Plus, I don't remember fog getting this thick in L.A."

Remmy walked forward five steps in order to get a clearer view on where they are, but the thickness of the mist was too great.

"Another fog world. Why do I get the feeling of déjà vù."

Maggie replied. "Well, it isn't like we're reliving past slides. If the last slide was any indication, it's more like memories on crack."

"Well, hopefully, our stay here will be short and sweet." Diana said. "How much-"

Suddenly, all four heard a huge flapping sound, as if it was made by large, leather wings.

"What the hell is that?" Mallory asked as the sound grew louder as if something was approaching them. Then, Mallory's radio began to hiss.

Mallory pulled the device out of his pocket and stared at it. Each time the flapping got louder, the radio let out an eerie tone along with heavy static.

"Uh... guys?"

The other three crowded around their friend, staring at the plastic box as the two sounds clashed. Suddenly a shape took form in the mist, gliding in the air towards the group, its leather wings locked in position to swoop. As it approached, it let out an unusual sound, like a mixture of a shriek and a high-pitched howl. In fear, Mallory pulled out his Magnum and fired and joined the rest of his cohorts as they dove for cover. As the bullet pierced the being's chest, it ultimately crashed down into the pavement below, leaving a streak of blood on the cement. As the winged beast collapsed, the white noise coming from the radio quickly died down, leaving the area silent. Moments later, Mallory stood up and walked over to his once-lively target. He face grew an expression of shock and surprise at what laid before him. The 3-foot carcass looked of a hybrid between a pterodactyl and a vulture. With no visible feathers, its rose colored skin was covered in mucus and blood. Remmy stood next to the being, nudging his foot at one of the wings while staring at its long neck and beak dominated head for any other signed of movement. Seconds later, Maggie and Diana found themselves staring at the now dead "animal".

"What the hell?" Mallory said, breaking the brief silence between them.

"What kind of place did we slide into?" Diana said.

Rembrandt reflexively pulled out the timer and froze in fear as he saw the readout… or rather, what he didn't see. The bright LCD display didn't show, not even as he gave it a few friendly taps.

"Remmy?" Maggie said, her face showing fear as she saw her friend struggling with the device. "Please tell me there's nothing wrong with the remote."

Remmy sighed and held up the timer, waving the now empty display to his comrades.

"Damn!" Mallory shouted. "This is just perfect!"

Diana rushed to Remmy's side and grabbed the timer, taking a look for herself.

"Um…" Maggie said, sounded shaken. "Y… you can fix it… right?"

"I don't know. I need to run a diagnostic first… but I can't do it here." Then Diana reached inside her pocket, but grew worried when she didn't feel anything. Suddenly, she frantically patted her other pockets. Seeing Diana in her frenzy, something struck Rembrandt's memory, which caused him to reach in his other pocket and pulled out the PDL.

"Ahem." Remmy smiled.

Diana smiled back at Remmy. "Thank you… why does it smell like lemons?"

"Long story."

Maggie decided to take a few steps and eventually found herself on the side of a parked car. Looking beyond that, she saw a window display of a nearby furniture shop.

"Hey guys!" she yelled, as she made her way towards the shop's entrance. First she tugged at the door handle, but the door didn't give way. Puzzled, she knocked on the glass entrance, but there were no response.

"Nice chair."

Maggie frantically jumped and turned around, and saw Remmy and the others walking over to her.

"But I don't think we'll be able to take it with us." Remmy chuckled.

"Jesus, Remmy! You scared the hell out of me."

"Sorry." Remmy apologized. "Looks as though this store is closed."

"Well, the 'open' sign is still posted on the door. I don't know about you but I'm starting to get chills about this world."

"I'm getting the same vibe. Maybe it's some weird national holiday."

"If so, they're probably using a lot of dry ice."

Suddenly the two heard a whistle, and looked to see Mallory motioning to them from the next door to their right.

"We found a diner." He yelled. "Anyone up for some chow? Diana's already inside."

Maggie looked at her stomach and then at Remmy. "Well, it's been a while since we had a decent meal."

"Too long." Remmy replied, and the two walked towards their friend.

Soon enough, they followed their friend inside the building. The diner was barely lit; the only illumination the interior received was from the windows. The only sounds present were the footsteps the sliders made on the wooden tile. There were also no signs of the restaurant's personnel, not even a single waitress. Other than Diana, who was sitting on one of the front stools, the diner appeared completely dead.

"Some holiday." Maggie uttered. "It isn't good business sense to abandon a diner like this."

"Well, the sign said that this place was open." Mallory said. "I'm going to look for the fuse box to this place, see if I can get at least the kitchen running."

"It's not everyday you get an entire restaurant to yourself, so I need to freshen up for the occasion." Maggie said as she made her way towards the restrooms. "Be right back."

Remmy shrugged as he saw two of his friends run off and started walking towards the counter.

The screen on the PDL kept flashing with illuminating displays of graphs and numbers. All of Diana's attention remained focused on that display while paying no attention to the minute beeps of the small machine. Every once in a while, her eyes panned to the now dead timer, hoping that the LCD would once again become active.

"Any luck?" Remmy said as he sat on the stool next to her. Looking at the lively screen of the PDL and then looking at the defunct display of the timer made him feel a bit uneasy.

"The diagnostic is still running, but so far… everything looks fine." Diana responded, and gave a look of confusion. "It doesn't make sense. It should be in working order."


"No, the diagnostic results on the timer's power supply say its still full of juice. From what I can see now… Remmy, I don't know, but I'm going to look into it. It's odd, though."

"Yeah, same with the empty town and the heavy fog. Well, it could be that the business district is deserted and everyone else is at home."

"But how can you explain that… creature outside on the street."

"You got me there."

"I just hope that we didn't slide into another T-Virus outbreak."

"I don't think so. I mean, so far this place doesn't look like a war zone… we didn't see any zombies for that matter."

Diana gave Remmy a smirk. "We didn't see much of anything due to the massive amounts of pea soup outside."


Diana smiled and turned towards the timer. "Well, I need to get back to work. The sooner we get this thing working again, the better. Let me know if Mallory manages to get some grub going."

"Will do." Remmy said as he proceeded to take a seat in one of the booths at the front of the diner. Sitting down, Remmy picked up a menu that was lying on the tabletop and read. Moments later, he put the menu down in disappointment once he realized Mallory was doing the cooking. With nothing else to do, Remmy just stared out the window, hoping to make out some structures and building through the thick mist. His finger tipping the saltshaker, Remmy let out a heavy sigh.


His call was cut short when he saw something moving through the fog.

"What the hell?" Remmy uttered as he start to peer closer. Now the image appeared to be a person… a woman. She was running through the mist, turning her head frantically as if she was looking for something. Unfortunately it appeared that she didn't notice the slider watching her. Remmy began to knock on the window, but the woman turned her head just enough for him to get a good look at her face, which sent Remmy into shock.


2 The woman once again raced into the mist, her face molded into a worried expression.

"Wade!" Remmy said as he slammed his fists against the glass repeatedly. Apparently, the woman didn't take notice and continued running.

"Dian…" He said as he turned around, but found that Diana wasn't at her stool. All that remained was the PDL and the disassembled timer lying on the countertop. Ignoring the absence of his friend, Remmy immediately rushed out to catch up with the lost runner.

"Remmy, what's…" Diana said, running out of the ladies restroom followed by Maggie, and saw that Remmy was no longer sitting in the booth. Soon after, they heard wind chimes ring after the glass door closed… and Remmy running into the mist.

"Oh no." Diana said, giving chase to her companion.

"Remmy…" Maggie sighed as she followed suit.

"Wait!" Remmy yelled, as he tried his best to catch up the woman, the silhouettes of shops and parked cars made visible. After running half a block, he finally caught up with her as she turned a corner.

"Wade!" he yelled once more, his legs growing in pain.

As the slider made his way towards the street corner, he immediately stopped. Suddenly, the street was cut off and Remmy found himself facing a large hole. So big in fact that the road and some of the buildings along it became victims of whatever happened, and, because of the dense fog, its width and length couldn't be determined.

"What the hell?" Remmy said as he stared at some of the large chunks of concrete still hanging on the thick underlying wiring. The slider looked inside the void itself, but saw nothing… nothing at all. Just gray haze. Suddenly, a cloud of questions flooded is head while he was refilling his lungs with air. How the hell did that hole get there? Where is she? Was that Wade? Did she fall? What the hell is going on?


Remmy turned around and saw Diana and Maggie running towards him through the fog. Stopping, the two began to catch their breath before interrogating him.

"What the hell are you doing?!?" Diana yelled.

Remmy continued to look across the void. "I saw her turn here."

"Saw who? What are you talking about?"

Maggie took a couple of steps forward. "Why are you running out here, Remmy?"

"I saw Wa… a woman." Remmy continued, thinking twice before uttering Wade's name. "I saw someone running down the street and I ran out to try to talk to her. I chased her here, but she was gone."

"A woman?" Diana asked.

"Yeah… I caught up with her when she turned the corner, but she… disappeared."

Maggie glanced at the giant chasm. "Are you sure? I mean, maybe she fell."

"If she fell, I would have heard screaming." Remmy retorted.

"Well, she's gone now." Diana said. "First, thick fog, then flying beasts and empty buildings, and now disappearing people. I say we concentrate on leaving this world as soon as possible."

"Yeah, I agree." Maggie said, staring at the hole. "Let's get back to the diner."

Without hesitation, Diana and Remmy followed Maggie's suggestion and ran.

"Where were you all?" Mallory asked as the three walked through the door.

Diana ignored Mallory and walked back to her stool while Remmy walked over to the kitchen.

"Nothing." Maggie said, and looked around the dark restaurant. "I thought you were taking care of the power."

"Well, I was and nothing worked." Mallory responded. "I spent the past several minutes flipping switches in the fuse box. Not even a damn lamp."

"Which means no meal." Maggie sighed. "Well, I'm going to the kitchen to see what we can salvage."

"Yeah, I was looking forward to a nice, hot steak." Mallory said as he picked up a large pamphlet and walked over to one of the other available booths.

Remmy sat on one of the nearby stoves and snacked on a dinner roll. There, he began to think about the recent events that transpired. The kitchen was completely dark, even the light from the windows couldn't reach far enough to provide any illumination to quell the shadows that inhabited the room. Though, Remmy didn't mind sitting alone in the scared darkness. It just left him alone to dwell on his thoughts.

"Was that really Wade?" he thought. "The last time I saw her was…"

Remmy mind began to flash back to that fateful slide that took place a few months ago, but was cut short when he heard footsteps comer closer to him. Remmy quickly picked up a small box-like device, pointed it in the direction of the sound, and pushed the top button. In an instant, a stream of bright light illuminated part of the kitchen, revealing a couple of preparation counters and a large rack of hanging pots and pans.

"Ah!" Maggie screamed when the beam hit her eyes.

"Oh sorry." Remmy said as he pointed the flashlight in another direction.

"That's the second time you did that!" Maggie shouted as she walked towards her friend.

"Heh heh. I guess I was a bit paranoid with all the silence." Remmy reached towards his right and picked up a small plastic bowl. "Roll?"

"Please." She said before snatching a roll from the basket.

"It's cold, but it's been baked. Good thing they haven't gone stale."

"Well, it's something." Maggie said, taking a bite. "Did you happen to find any leftover turkey or onion rings?"

"Nope, nothing but these rolls. The food in the freezer is starting to spoil, and the pantry is completely barren."

Maggie sighed and took another bite. "This slide just keeps getting better and better."

Remmy smiled. "Well, it could be-"

Suddenly the two heard Mallory yelling for them. "Hey guys! Come here a sec."

Without hesitation, Remmy and Maggie started to walk towards the front of the diner. As the light from the windows came into view, Remmy switched off his newly acquired flashlight and clipped it to the rim of his shirt pocket. As they arrived, they saw Diana sitting next to him, reading a map from the unfolded pamphlet. Mallory raised his head to look at his two arriving companions with a very blank expression.

"Is there anything wrong?" Remmy asked.

Mallory sighed. "Well, I have some good news and some bad news."

Intrigued, Maggie and Remmy sat on the seat opposite of him.

"…OK…" Maggie said.

Mallory started to tremble and rubbed the back of his neck. "Um… I guess I'll start with the good news. Well, I just found out through the pamphlet that we're inside a town called 'Silent Hill'. Simple resort area, nothing fancy."

"What's the bad?" Remmy asked.

This time it was Diana who spoke up. "Well, this town isn't located anywhere near L.A or San Fran.... in fact... we're not even near the state of California."

3 "What do you mean, 'we're not in California.'" Remmy retorted.

"Well," Diana spoke, taking a breath, twiddling a red permanent marker between her fingers. "The address to the local tourist bureau has been rubbed out with something, so I couldn't tell what state we're in. But according to the map, this town is set along a lake and is only a few miles away from the Rockies."

"Wow, that really narrows it down." Maggie said sarcastically.

"How can this happen?" Remmy asked. "I mean, didn't we replace that Hertz crystal so the timer wouldn't screw up like this."

"It's not the crystal, I know this much. I've looked through every nook and crack in this damn remote and I've found nothing wrong with it."

Maggie displayed a look of confusion. "This doesn't make any sense."

Remmy turned around and started to walk towards the pay phones.

"I've already tried, Remmy." Diana said. "They're as dead as this town."

"Damn!" Remmy exclaimed, walking back.

Mallory straightened himself up. "C'mon, they're must be someone still in this place… maybe somebody that doesn't mind driving us a few hundred miles.

"Well," Maggie said, "there was that woman Remmy ran after, but we don't know where the hell she is or if she exists for that matter."

Remmy gave Maggie a face of disgust. "Just what are you trying to say, Maggie?"

Diana lowered her head. "Not this again." She thought and stood up.

"Look, according to the map, there's a police station nearby. It's the only logical place I can think of." Diana said, rubbing her temples. "Whatever happened on this world, there must be some authority figures here that would've likely created a post or a base."

"We'll, what if we run into another one of those bird… things." Maggie asked.

Mallory gave a smirk while walking over to her. "Don't worry about a thing, darlin'," he said while pulling out his weapon, giving a rather bad John Wayne impersonation. "They will all be dead ducks if they come our way."

Maggie gave him a look of disgust, snatched the Magnum off of his hand, and opened the chamber. As she turn the pistol upside down, the small metal canisters rained on the wooden floor, leaving a noise that would indicate that each one was hollow.

"Looks like you're out of luck, cowboy." Maggie said while looking at Mallory through the eight empty holes in the metal cylinder and then closed it.

"How'd you-"

Maggie slammed the gun against Mallory's abdomen with great force, causing him to buckle down and lose all the air he stored in his lungs. "I counted."

"Oh." Mallory said in a high-pitched gasp, his eyes bulging as he began to restock on oxygen. He let the gun drop to the floor as he tried to comfort the pain.

"I have another question," Remmy said. "Other than the police station, is there another place we should check out?"

"No… not from the looks of this map. All I see is a few more restaurants, some bars, and a few shops." Diana replied while circling an area indicating the station on the map with a red permanent marker. Remmy looked over at Mallory, who seems to replenish most of his O2 supply. Maggie took the now reassembled timer and put it inside her pocket.

"Well, looks like we should get hoofing." Remmy said, walking towards the door. "But I'm telling you now I'm starting to get an odd feeling about this place. Just something isn't right. It's unsettling."

A man slowly opened his eyes, his being enveloped in complete darkness. "Damn, why is it so cold in here?" he wondered as his head lifted from the plush pillow. Well, the motel room he was staying was partly decent, so you get what you pay for. Broken A/C I just part of the motel's saving graces. He took the thin bedspread and wrapped it around his body, hopefully to contain some body heat until he can find his clothes. He turned his head to find that the motel room wasn't completely dark, since it's only window seem to let in a strange gray light. The dance of the tiny illuminated dust particles seemed to distract him a bit before the cold suddenly brought him back to reality. He looked down to see that his clothes was right where he'd left them: Green short sleeve shirt. Wrinkled stonewashed jeans. Ankle socks. A pair of worn Sketchers. All of it sat there on the dirty carpet. His only protection against the room's sudden freeze was a pair of boxer briefs and the blankets were only doing little to remedy the situation. Without hesitation, he tossed the blanket aside and started to get dressed. It's still cold. Now his breath is visible. Rubbing his arms, he began looking for a central air control unit. Every hotel has one, right? But still, he couldn't see a damn thing. The light couldn't reach the walls. He reached inside the lamp to turn the switch.


Nothing. Sigh. Figures. He rose up, straightening his shirt and walked over to the light switch near the door.


Nothing. "What the hell?" he thought.

He grew puzzled at first, but shrugged it off and reached for his jacket that was lying on a nearby chair. Before reaching for the knob, he gave out another sigh.

"This is it then." He said, a smile grew on his face as he turned the knob. "Like old times."

He opened the door and stepped out, his mood suddenly turned as he saw the massive amounts of gray haze.

4 From the short walk from his room, he noticed the parking lot was extremely quiet, which was pretty odd, since it was exactly the opposite when he checked in the night before. Loud Music. Some blasting televisions. A couple of drunkards. And the walls was so thin, that he could hear an overheated couple having one of their heated sessions next door. Well, the level of the problem was little when the noise died down rather quickly at around 11:30pm. Now is just… silent. "Maybe that's how it's town got its namesake." He thought, as his footsteps became the only audible thing in the area. When he approached the door, he noticed another oddity. No lights. Not even a single beam. His eyes passed from the window to the sign posted on the door reading "Open 24 Hours." With a sigh, he reach out his hand and grasped the knob, twisting it to allow himself access inside. Suddenly, the same cold, bitter air that inhabited his room covered him as various chimes went off as he cracked open the door.


Aside from the light coming from the windows, the small waiting room that the owners called a "lobby" was covered completely in shadow. Old, out-of-date magazines still lay on the polish-worn coffee table and a few pieces of furniture that had seen better days, especially the torn sofa. The stranger looked to his right, and saw that the reception counter has been littered with various forms and invoices, but strangely, the old jackass that checked him in was nowhere to be seen.


Nothing. Nobody.

"I'm here to check out!"


Suddenly, a strange feeling came over him. More like the "Get the hell out of dodge" type when you watch some cheesy horror flick. Then his legs were beginning to feel numb. He spat a curse to the freezing air and reached in his pocket for the motel key. He was getting ready to pitch it to the reception desk when he spotted some writing peeking through the mesh of papers.


With curiosity, he placed the key on the counter and displaced some invoices to come across an envelope and held it to the light. It was his name written in blue ink, then his room and phone number written in red ink. Taking a second to scoff at this establishment's message keeping system, he opened the enveloped and pulled out a letter.

"Hey Jay,

Just got your message and glad to see that you made it. Well, I'm going to be pretty busy for a while so let's meet at 'Neely's Bar' around noon. We're going to have a blast, eh? Like old times.


Jason glanced over the note and then at his surroundings. Rationally, he thought that such an invitation doesn't matter now since there seemed to be no one around anyways. Maybe it was this area in general. But still, something seemed to be drawing him to the aforementioned rendezvous. He couldn't describe it, but it kept nagging him to go on.

With a sigh, which looked like a blast of steam coming from the snout of a dragon, he turned back towards the door and pulled out his car keys.

"Hello!" Remmy yelled as he walked inside.

Like the diner before it, the police station was enveloped in complete darkness. The light coming from the front windows only made a couple of desks and the reception counter visible. Without hesitation, Remmy flipped the switch to his newly acquired flashlight to provide some much needed illumination. With the illumination of the bright yellow light, he saw that some of the desk were littered with papers and folder while the other were neat and tidy. Some of the doors to the private offices were cracked open, but he could see that they too were barren. As he looked around, he heard one of the front doors creak open.

"You've found anything?" Diana said, followed by Mallory. "Anyone?"

Remmy sighed and shook his head. "Don't that strike you as odd that there is no authority here."

"Well, given the circumstances, I have to say yes." Mallory said, rubbing his hands. "Well, this place does bring back some memories. You want me to spring us a ride? I saw some prospects on the lot next door."

"Not yet and where's Maggie?"

"She's inside the corner store across the street." Diana spoke. "Hopefully she'll find and bring back some food."

"Yeah, I hope so too." Remmy sighed, picking up the receiver to a nearby phone.


"Well, I going to look around this place a bit more." Remmy said.

"I don't know what good that will do you." Mallory said.

"Maybe I'll find some thing useful, like some car keys." Remmy replied as he turned to his right to open a nearby oak door.

"Well, at least he should've left us the flashlight." Mallory remarked as the door closed.

"And what good that would do him?" Diana retorted. "We'll just find one here. Just start looking behind that desk near the window."

"Dammit! What the hell?!?" Jason screamed as he turned the car's ignition without any response. It didn't make any sense. He had a check-up the week before with any problems reported and he refueled before he checked in last night. With frustration, he slammed his fist against the steering wheel. Sure, there was pain but it seems to relief his anger a bit. Still fuming slightly, he reached for the glove compartment and snatch the map that was housed there. While looking through the maps sections, he dictated himself on his next agenda.

"Neely's Bar... so that places it right across the lake. <sigh> It doesn't seems that far, as If I already need exercise. A hike would do me good."

And with that he folded the map and placed it inside his jacket's inner pocket. He took his watch that was sitting in the ashtray and read it's face. 10:19. Still have some time. As he made his way out the lot, he started wondering. The lights. The car. The unnerving silence. The fog. It started to make him shiver, but then started to intrigue. Whatever happens… or happened, it doesn't matter. He couldn't do anything about it anyways. Something is luring him into town. He doesn't know why or how. He only came here for one purpose only. Maybe this feeling wouldn't let him be until that purpose was fulfilled.

5 Many objects in the corridor suddenly became visible thanks to the bright yellow light. Across from Remmy sat a large desk, and like the other desks in the building, suffered from the grueling mess of papers and files. Next to it was metal double-doors, with one of them held open by a pair of double books. As a test, Remmy let out a whistle, but the only replied he received was an echo.

"Damn." Remmy thought as he made his way towards the adjacent doors. "This just doesn't make sense. It couldn't have been a natural disaster… none of the shops had been boarded up, some of the doors were still open. No signs of any looting. And if this place was under any type of quarantine, we haven't…"

Suddenly, Remmy heard something drop from the other end of the large hallway. Something metallic. His flashlight still pointed forward, but he was too far away to make out anything.

"Hello?" he yelled as he looked around. The illumination of the surrounding gray brick along with the lack of response made Remmy a tad nervous, but still he pressed on. The only sound that surrounded him was his own footsteps. To him, only two places can achieve this level of silence… and that is churches and libraries. After several steps, he found himself facing another pair of metal doors and like it's predecessor, one of them was held open. As he walked closer, the strong beam of light pieced the veil of darkness that occupied the next room.

Iron bars. Numerous rows of iron bars. Remmy panned his person from side to side in the small room, each wall was made home to a large, empty jail cell except for a door across from him. He started to walk towards the doorway until he heard something slam against the bars. Remmy, startled, looked around frantically. The cells were still empty. He didn't see any objects that were responsible for the sound. Just some benches that were bolted to wall along with a dusty cot that was lying on the floor, but other than that, there was nothing. On a hunch, he panned his flashlight on the ground to see if he could find any rats scurrying about. Nothing. Remmy began to raise his flashlight until something caught his eye. Inside one of the cell walls on floor level was a large square hole. Curious, Remmy walked inside of the cell, which the door was already slid open, and knelt before the opening. He unhooked his flashlight and pointed it inside of the gaping brick maw, but the luminous glow failed to reach the other end, leaving him to stare into more darkness.

"Hello!" he yelled into the hole, his booming voice traveled to points unknown. Several seconds have past which must have felt like hours. No response. With a sigh, Remmy rose and rubbed the back of his head. "I think it's time for me to head back." He wondered, "Maybe Maggie managed to fi-."

Remmy was interrupted when he heard some shuffling coming from the hole. "Hello?!?" he yelled as he immediately knelt down. As the light tried endless to conquer the lingering shadows, noises began to flow in from the opening, the minute sounds of dragging and scampering passed through Remmy's eardrums.

"Is there anyone in there? HELLO?!?!"

Suddenly, the noises stopped. Frustrated as well as intrigued, Remmy peered closer inside the hole. Soon, he was on all fours with his left arm outstretched holding the flashlight. The beam revealed more of the tunnel, but not what was at the other end. Curious, Remmy bit the flashlight's clip handle and crawled inside the hole. After traveling five feet, the sounds that he had heard before once again appeared emanated from the shadows. As he crawled closer, he noticed another sound. Sounds of things dropping. Metallic things. Remmy tried to up his pace a little, but couldn't due to the cramped space around him. As he crawled, Remmy wondered what was at the other side. Was someone trapped there? Is it a trap for him? Is there anyone there? As these questions clouded his brain, he found himself nearing the tunnel's exit.

"What the hell?!?!"

Jason stood before the massive gap with the map in hand. He had never seen anything like it. A hole so massive that he surrounding building has suffered from his effects. The fog made matters worse as he tried to peer through the other side. Suddenly, he was thankful that the car quit on him, since he could have drove straight into that thing. Another thing that worried him was that there weren't any traffic cones or detour signs, like the chasm was made very recently. The question about the hole nearly toppled the one that was dominant in his mind. Where IS everyone? He had seen no other pedestrians, no traffic, not even an open shop. The idea of suddenly finding yourself in an empty town and fog seemed like something out of a horror movie. Hell, if he were watching, he would be telling himself to get the hell out of Dodge. But, it looked like that he didn't have a choice. And, according to the note, Eric was still here. Which raises another question, why would he stick around a place like this? Jason sighed with frustration and checked the map.

"Might as well try the next block?" he said to himself as he turned around.

"I have come bearing snacks." Maggie said as she walked inside the police station. Diana greeted her while sitting on one of the nearby desks, absently fiddling with the idle sliding device. A few yard away, some shuffling and paper rustling was heard from one of the offices.

"Um… where's Mallory and Remmy?" she asked as she approached her barely visible friend. "I don't think its wise to leave someone in the dark like this."

Then, one of her questions was answered when a bright light suddenly appeared from the once noise-filled office.

"I found a couple of torches." Mallory yelled, yet unseen by the two women. "Has Remmy come back yet?"

"Not yet!" Diana replied, then turned back to Maggie. "Last time I've seen Remmy, he went exploring. From what I estimate he's been gone for like 10 minutes now… I'm guessing since none of the clocks work around here."

"This place doesn't look that big from the outside, he would have met us back here by now. Look, I'll go..."

Diana looked at Maggie's frozen expression. "What?" Upon closer inspection, Diana found out that she was staring at the timer, which seemed to come back to life. On and on, the display flashed random numbers with an occasional flicker.

"What the hell?" she uttered as gripped the device. Mallory walked towards them but stopped when he noticed something unusual.

"Uh… guys? Would you look up for a minute." He uttered.

Diana's eyes stayed fixated on the timer while Maggie slowly raised her head.


"Turn around."

As she did what she was told, she noticed that the gray light from the windows was quickly disappearing. Seconds later, the light was gone. Nothing was visible. The building and entire town became enveloped in darkness.

"It's stopped." Diana said, her head. "It started wor… how the hell did this place get dark so fast?"

She didn't receive a response, just worried, flashlight-illuminated glances from Maggie and Mallory. From what Diana could see, the flashlights were the only things that were going along in their favor.

Maggie turned to Mallory and held out her hand. "Hand me the other light."

"What's wrong? Why do you need it so abruptly?" Mallory asked, almost in a protesting tone.

"I'm just going to look for Remmy. I don't know why, but I got a feeling that he may be in trouble."

6 Jason suddenly found himself standing in complete darkness. As his eyes strained, he became afraid and confused. "How in the hell did it turn dark so quickly?" He wondered. Frantically, he kept turning his head, hoping to see if he can make something in the sudden blackness. Nothing. Not even stars. He couldn't see his hand when he waved it in front of him.

"What the hell is going on?!?!?!" was the question that rang through his mind as the anxiety quickly builds. With no other option, he decided to press on and feel his way around, hoping that he doesn't bump into anything along the way. Slowly and cautiously he walked, the only sound he could hear is the sound of his sneakers' rubber soles hitting the pavement. Then, his inquiries were soon replaced with regrets.

"Maybe I should've hiked towards the interstate instead of pressing into town. Maybe I should have found some help by then. There's no way Eric could still be there. Could he? I mean, everything's closed. I could turn back if I could see where 'back' is."

Jason stopped, let out a deep sigh and wiped his forehead. As he tried to clear his head, he started to notice something in the distance. His ears began to pick up a low, continuous tone from somewhere in the darkness. In an instant, he started to jog, turning his head from left to right like a ship's radar beacon. With each step, the tone became louder and more recognizable.

A car horn.

After running a few steps, he noticed something to his right. Two bright lights.

"Oh, thank god!" he exclaimed as he dashed towards them, the surrounding area illuminated by his newfound discovery. After running a couple of blocks, the sound now blaring, he found himself near a parked sedan in a fast food restaurant's parking lot. Due to some reflection of the light, he saw a silhouetted figure sitting inside on the driver's side.

"Hello?!?" he yelled, but his voice couldn't break through the screaming horns. With a gulp, he walked closer to the door and knocked. No answer. Slowly, he moved his trembling hand towards the door handle, saying a silent prayer as he gripped and tugged on it.

What sat on the driver's seat was a heavily mauled figure. It's head, which displayed charred and melted skin laid limp on the steering wheel. The blood-soaked clothes it wore clung to its lifeless body like a wet T-shirt to a bar mistress. Jason tried to fight the onslaught of nausea as his eyes panned from the body to the blood stained windshield and seats, but lost as rush of bile and undigested material hosed one of the cars back tires. While wiping off the remaining mess off his mouth, Jason noticed a small red Heavy Duty flashlight sitting on the unfortunate person's lap. Nervous, he began to reach in, only to accidentally hitting the body's side, causing it to slump over to the front passenger seat. What lingered was a few seconds of echo… then it was silent once more.

"Jesus!" Jason exclaimed, his hand shaking. As he reached in for the second time to grab the flashlight, the aroma of decayed and dried blood filled his nostrils. Again, another wave of nausea kicked in and he quickly grabbed the light and darted a few yards away to grabbed some air. He wanted to throw up, but there was nothing left to spew. Suddenly, he dropped to his knees, trying to regain his composure and oxygen.

"That's it." He thought, his find now filled with raw fear. "I'm getting the hell out of here. I don't know what the hell is going on, but I don't want to know. Let the police handle this shit."

As he stood up, he noticed that he was once again standing in darkness. Immediately, he turned on the flashlight and pointed it at the car. The body was still lying across the seats.

"Maybe the battery finally died." He wondered. Then he thought of the last word he used. The bittersweet irony. Some poor bastard dies and now the car as gone with him.

He spat out the bad taste in his mouth and started to retrace his steps towards the hotel and hopefully towards the interstate.

"He's not in here!" Maggie yelled from the jail room. "Are you sure he came through this way?"

"Positive." Mallory replied from the waiting room, all he could see was Maggie's light traveling around the cells across the long hallway.

"Well, I don't see a back exit anywhere back here." Maggie yelled back, starting her trek back to the front of the station. Which each step, she grew more worried about her now missing companion.

"Let me present these factors…" Mallory said as Maggie made it inside the waiting room. "1. This place is empty and is covered in mysterious fog. 2. The timer 'mysteriously' gives out on us. 3. We're hundreds of miles from our sliding radius… ratio… whatever… 4. It turns from day from night in a blink of an eye with the timer sputtering as it occurs and finally, 5. Remmy goes exploring and disappears without a trace. If that isn't enough reasons to get the hell out of dodge, I don't know what is."

"So you are saying that we should be leaving him here." Maggie said, sounding a little agitated.

"We searched this station from front to back! There's no possible way that he could still be here without going past us first. If he's not here, I don't know where else he could be, but doesn't mean that I'll start wandering town, looking for him."

"How can you be so damn selfish?"

"It's not selfishness, it's called common sense. You should take some classes for it."

"And I should recommend some classes in bravery. It seems that you are losing your manhood or lack thereof."

Mallory glared at Maggie for a few seconds. "I'm going to get a car ready." And with those words, he stormed away towards the station's entrance.

Diana was sitting behind a desk thinking when he saw Mallory storm out.

"Mallory, what wrong?" Diana asked, but they only reply she receive that the door slamming. Shortly afterwards, Maggie walk in.

"Any luck?" Diana asked, trying to brighten the emotional atmosphere.

Maggie only shook her head. "It just doesn't make any sense."

"What's the deal with Mallory?"

"He's just having one of his hissy-fits. Nothing to worry about."

"OK… now what are we going to do. Remmy vanishes, and God knows what happening outside in the dark."

"I don't know." Maggie sighed. "I'm going to search those rooms again. Maybe there's some sort of secret passageway or trap door he probably stumbled into."

"In a police station?" Diana said, showing a smile.

"Hey, it's possible. Oh, before I forget…"

Maggie reached into her pockets and pulled out about 7 granola bars.

"It was all I could find." Maggie said. "The store was a mess. Everything else was probably looted out or spoiled rotten."

"It's OK, I spotted some vending machines at the back of the station. You think anyone will mind if did a little bit of 'breaking and entering'?"

"I don't see anyone complaining." Maggie giggled. "Live wild, girl. Well, I'm off. I won't be too long."

"OK, I'll be right here if you need me." Diana said as she saw her friend walk back towards the corridor.

"I hope you find him…" she said quietly as tore open a granola wrapper.

Remmy raised himself of the dusty floor as he exited the tunnel. Suddenly the pain that shot through his back reminded him of the cons of age. Countless worlds and still no signs of a Fountain of Youth, he thought. As he rubbed his aching spine, he looked around. More bars. In fact this looked like the same room that he just exited only with a few differences. The iron bars appeared more rusted and aged and the cot lying nearby was now festering with mold and stains. As Remmy began to walk out of the cell he noticed something glimmer on the cot. As he walked closer to it, he found out that the object turned out to be a key.

"Why would anyone place a key inside a jail cell?" he asked himself as he picked it up. Upon closer inspection, the numbers "106" was etched near the key's corner. Putting it in his pocket, he proceeded to exit. As he walked toward the double doors, he heard more scuffling beyond it. Cautiously, he reached out and grabbed the doors handle, slowly pulling it towards him. The same brick hallway, only the floor is more dusty and gritty. As the light pierced though the shadow's dark veil, Remmy saw something was squirming on the right wall a few feet away.

"What… the…" he uttered.

The figure began to stand up, still convulsing and struggling as it tried to face the slider. Only that the figure had no face, only a large patch of skin covered its head like a thick plastic sheet. The creature struggled to walk towards him with arms unseen, still convulsing as though it was trying to escape a straightjacket made out of skin and muscle. The mucus covered membrane casts off a reflection in the light along with the oft-pigmentation of it color and bruised patches.

Slowly, it struggled to keep itself on its feet while making its way towards Remmy, who stood there terrified. Out of reflex, Remmy searched his pockets for his pistol, but remembered that he left it behind on the last world.

Suddenly the figure stopped, but its shaking became more violent. Suddenly, it threw its head back and spat out a liquid sprayed from unseen orifices. Remmy jumped back to dodge the spray, but still was able to get some of the liquid on his left leg. He yelled in pain as the corrosive substance burnt his clothed limb. The creature continued to advance as Remmy shook his leg to knock off any of the remaining liquid.

Suddenly he noticed a long, rusted lead pipe lying near the left wall near him. Without hesitation, he quickly picked it up and took a stance like a major league baseball player on bat. Once again the creature stopped and started to shake violently once more, only this time Remmy didn't give it time to spew its vile fluid. The creature let out a low, warped scream as the long piece of metal slammed against its side. The blow stopped it from shaking, but it did not stop its advance.

Remmy gave it another swing, the 'scream' more louder than the first. At first the creature began to buckle, but quickly regained its stance and continued to move forward. The pipe crashed into the creature's shoulder and it toppled, landing face first onto the dirt-laden floor.

Remmy gasped for air as he saw the figure lying motionless before him. For once in a long time, Remmy was terrified. He slowly started to back away towards the jail room as he stared with mouth agape at the creature's twisted form. Suddenly, the carcass began to move, its body began to convulse. Then, with blinding speed, the creature crawled on its belly like a large cockroach against the left wall, then crawled towards the slider as its legs were only represented as a blur. Startled, Remmy raised his pipe and started smashing the incoming beast continuously. The first few hits, the creature responded with agony filled screams that echoed through the corridor.

Suddenly the screams stopped, and the hallway was filled with sounds of metal clashing with skin and muscle. Bone and sinew. His arms growing weary, Remmy stopped the beating. Sweat streaming down his brow, Remmy's mind was hit by an onslaught of questions and fear.

With one last look at the carcass, Remmy turned back to walk in the holding room. As he went through the double doors, he experienced a shock. The hole in the wall was no longer there. There were no markings, nor any sign of a fill-in; it was as if the opening never existed. Remmy started at the blank wall with disbelief, hoping to God that he isn't stuck there in this… place. He swung the pipe against the iron bars in frustration, his emotions flared for just a moment. After the fit of rage subsided, Remmy soon realized a horrifying fact. He was alone.

7 "C'mon, dammit."

Mallory knelt on the pavement as he tried desperately to hot wire a Ford Taurus at the lot next door, the flashlight sitting on the driver seat providing the necessary beam. He was sure he had done everything right. Pull apart steering wheel. Pull out wires. Pick out the one necessary for start up. Cut and touch exposed ends for a new ride. Only this time when the wires touched, nothing happened. No spark. No reaction. With frustration, Mallory let go of the wires and pounded his fists against the dashboard, his thoughts filled with nothing but dread. No matter what and how hard he tried, there's always something that will keep him here. Suddenly, his stomach growled but due to the sudden loss of hope the pain became much worse. His well was empty now, physically and mentally. Frustrated and famished, Mallory climbed out of the vehicle and slammed the door behind him. After walking a few steps, he stopped abruptly as something interrupted the ruling silence.

From inside his pocket, the radio started hissing.

Mallory frantically pulled it out and panned his flashlight in every direction possible. He also started to reach for his gun, but remembered that it wasn't loaded. Then he heard something approach from afar… a sound of something… galloping.

"Oh… what now…" Mallory thought as he gulped. He quickened his pace as his sidestepped back to the station but he kept his gaze behind him. Suddenly the galloping slowed and a something appeared from the nearby corner. As the creature got in the way of Mallory's beam, the mucus reflected of its hairless hide, patches of blood ran all over it's body. At first glance, it appeared to be some sort of dog, a Great Dane in terms of size, but this one has a large, hugely deformed head that seemed to be covered with some kind of hard material. As it became aware of the human standing a few feet away, the creature let out some sort of deformed bark before charging; a sound that can be distinguished as half howl, half gorilla grunt.

"Dogs… why does it have to be dogs…" he said as he ran for the door. As he reached for the handle, he saw another "dog" galloping from across the street.

Diana was munching on her 5th Granola bar when Mallory ran inside. Seeing the panicked look on his face, Diana grew concerned.

"Mallory, what happened?" she asked without hesitation.

He hastily snapped the locks into place and slumped against the door.

"Maggie! Maggie co-"

Suddenly she heard something ram against the front door followed by scraping as if something was clawing on it. Then two more slams were made followed by more scraping and heavy panting. Mallory just stared at his friend as he tried to catch his breath. Diana just stared back, her mouth hung open as the sudden shock enveloped her. Without noticing, she let go of the half-eaten granola bar and let it fall to the dusty floor.

The panting and galloping was all Jason heard as he ran like hell through one of Silent Hill's residential areas. The pack grew with each corner he turned and each alleyway he ran through.

"Help!" he yelled as he tried to keep his pace. "Someone help!"

Nothing. Just the sounds of heavy paws pounding on the pavement and grass behind him. He grew more frightened as he didn't hear any response for his cries. The houses that lined the street sat empty, its windows represented hollow eyes. No one came out to investigate the ruckus, not even a single flash of light. The beam from his flashlight shook and jutted as he sped through the barren street.

"Go away! Git!" he yelled at his pursuers.

Soon, he found out that he was nearing the main street again, only a few blocks off from where he started his journey. One of the hounds ran close enough to try to make a passing bite at his leg, but luckily it missed as its prey refuses to stop. As he neared the corner, Jason started to feel fatigued. If this continues any longer, then he would have force himself to slow down.

And that certainly wasn't an option.

As he neared the corner, the light fell on a large brick building across the street. The structure stood tall on two stories with numerous garage door posted on the front of it. Jason pointed his flashlight up until it stopped on a sign.

"Silent Hill Fire Station No. 1"

Desperate, he used the last of his energy to make a full sprint towards the lone wooden door located near the building's side, praying that it wouldn't be locked like all the others. Seconds later, he slammed himself against the door, his hand hastily searching for the knob. His fears grew as an unearthly growl was drawing near. Jason grabbed the knob and turned it. It gave. For a split second, he felt like celebrating, but realizing the predicament at hand, wasted no time getting himself inside. He felt a sudden jolt as he closed the door behind him. With the last ounce of his strength, he fought the instant barrage and managed to close the entryway entirely and placing the lock on. Tired, he dropped to the floor and began to consume the air around him, the agonizing pain from his legs growing stronger. After a few minutes of listening to more pounding and panting that echoed throughout the building, Jason readily stood up and looked around. The building was empty, but there was a sense of order that inhabited it. Every one of the station's three fire engines was parked in its assigned space, so clean that it sparkled as the glow of the flashlight hit it. The lockers at the other end of the station was still fully stocked with suits and other protective gear.


The only response he received was his own stagnant echo. Placing his hand on his forehead, Jason let out a heavy sigh and continued to pan the light around the area. The beam stopped at a red ax sitting on a stool near the door leading to the stairs. He walked over to it and picked it up, investigating his newfound discovery. The ax looked it had been hardly used; its fresh paint still lingered without any chips or cracks. The blade of the ax remained smooth to the touch, its silvery surface reflecting the light to Jason face. Without hesitation, he grabbed the ax by the handle and started off for the stairs.

Now, he can defend himself.

"Diana? Mallory?"

Remmy stood at the station lobby, his pipe still dripping from the dark blood of the previous encounter. Like everything else in the station, the lobby looked radically different. Instead of desks covered in files and memos, Remmy saw two rows of rusted metal tables, each one had long bundle of rusted chains sitting on top. The offices further down still stood, but its door were also heavily corroded. Sitting near one of nearest table was a bucket of strange tools; some rusted, some stained like most of the tabletops. The light glowed from the small box clipped to his sleeve, providing much needed illumination to the barren space, since the window was somehow sealed with aged plaster.

"Diana!" he yelled once more but soon kicked himself as to what he was doing in the first place. "They aren't here." rang his common sense, "This isn't the place where you last saw them. This isn't the same place period."

With a sigh, Remmy took one last look at the tables. Though it piqued his curiosity, judging from the items before him, he didn't want to know their uses or what happened in this room before he arrived. Solemnly, he turned to the front entrance, whose doors looked as though they had been placed outside to get soaked in acid rain. Next to it was a map of Silent Hill nailed to the mildewed wall. Remmy walked forward and snatched it from its place and with a deep breath, grabbled the door's handle and pulled.

Maggie ran back to the lobby as fast as she could after hearing Diana call for her.

"What's wrong?" she asked as she saw Mallory slumped against the door out of pure exhaustion.

"Look outside… through the window." Mallory replied.

She looked back at Diana, who simply nodded. She looked frightened and gripped the timer tightly as her friend gave her a look of confusion. The Maggie eagerly walked over to one of the windows and shined her light through. Through the darkness, the beam revealed silhouettes of large dog-like creatures walking slowly on the paved streets and sidewalks. Not far from them, another one of those winged beasts rested one of the stoplights near a corner.

"Oh boy…" Maggie said, the blood drained from her face.

"Exactly." Diana muttered.

"Um… did any of you find anything… well, something along the lines of guns and ammo."

Mallory only shook his head.

"You're kidding." Maggie said in shock.

Mallory once again shook his head.

"Oh no…"

"Everything is either empty of locked away. And I don't have the tools to try to pick through those locks. Did you manage to find Remmy?"


"Then he's probably outside the station."

"We both saw it yourself, the back door to this place was locked and Diana didn't see him walking out to use it."

"Look, I can't think of any other alternatives right now. If we can't find him in the station, then he's probably outside or God knows where. All I know is that he is not in here."

Maggie reluctantly gave Mallory's words some thought. "So… what now?"

Mallory knocked his head back and sighed. "Well… since I couldn't get a car ready. I guess we look somewhere else."

Remmy stepped out, shocked at what was before him. Darkness swallowed and ruled everything outside. He grew confused as to how it turned to nightfall so quickly, but realized that there was also no twilight, no stars, not even a sign of the previous haze. He stood in a giant pool of shadow. Gone were the streets and sidewalks, which was replaced by rusty chain-linked panels and tiles.

"Where the hell am I?" he uttered as his eyes and light passed along the surrounding buildings, which was adorned with aged signs covered in calx and rust. The bricks and windows were lined and dotted with mildew and dirt. Remmy's heart raced as he looked around, knowing that this wasn't the same place he and his companions traversed earlier. Cautiously, he stepped out into the street, the ground rattled with each step. Suddenly, he heard something running in the distance like a warped version of a bull roar. Quickly, he turned to the direction from where it was coming from, and the light beam followed. Slowly he could make out something charging towards him in the darkness. First it appeared as a hulking silouette, running similar to a gorilla, then as it ran closer, something more humanoid. The massive creature looked everything like its deformed cousin in the police station, but it appeared to have all of its limbs accounted for with two massive arms. Its head appeared hugely deformed with two small black eyes and a long vertical slit along the middle of its face. The sight of dripping drool coming from one of the sides looked as though that it represented a mouth. Following his first impulse, Remmy started to run for dear life. Deep down in his psyche, he made a guess on where he is.


8 *click-clank-click-clank-click-clank-click-clank…*

These sounds emitted from Remmy's shoes as he made a b-line down the city street. His fear rose as he heard multiple roars behind him along with wings flapping menacingly in the distance. At first he tried heading inside the adjoining buildings for refuge, but each door he came across was either locked or rusted shut. He also noticed that most of the buildings had a spray-painted insignia, a strange symbol of a pyramid within a circle along with strange characters. Under any other circumstances, he would have taken note of it, but now he was more focused on staying alive; his flashlight shining on massive chain-linked panels as he struggled to keep his pace. Sweat began to flow into his eyes, irritating them as he sped in the darkness. Suddenly, the rush of panels stopped and Remmy barely halted before running into a vast chasm. For a split second he was hesitant until he glanced behind him seeing that his pursuers were near. He quickly turned around and hastily made a right, almost getting himself trounced by the drooling beasts. As he ran, he could see a light in the distance; only a block away. Using the last of his will, he made his aging body run for all its worth.


Suddenly, all activity at the police station stopped. All plans were halted and all strategies were silent. The three sliders were shocked when the once alien sound made its presence known, but now all they did was stare at it's source.


The telephone sat at on of the desks, screaming for attention. The clanging of its internal bells were once an annoyance, but due to the situation at hand, it was more than welcome.


The slider continued to stare at the phone, but then turned their gazes at themselves. Though looks were exchanged, words did not. Diana was the one that had enough nerve to slowly walk over to the recently active phone. With each ring, her uncertainty grew until she picked up the receiver.


Before Diana could say hello, her ear was assaulted with heavy static like someone was rapidly turning the tuner on an old radio.

"What is it?" Maggie asked as she walked over to her friend. Diana handed the receiver to her and took a seat on a nearby desk.

"zzzzzzz….-y frien….zzzz-meee… whyy-zz……zzz..yyyyyyyy-zzzz…"

"Oh my God…" Maggie uttered.

"What is it?" Diana said.

"zzzzz…z-times I….zzzz..zzzzzz……-wanna diii-zzzzz..zzzz…"

"Hello!" Maggie yelled into the receiver, but the only response she received was the bits and pieces of song getting drowned in static. Even through the interference, she recognized the song immediately.



The phone became dead once again.

"No." Maggie uttered as she pressed the switch on the phone repeatedly but to no effect. But she still heard static, in fact, this time it filled the entire room. She turned around to see Mallory holding his radio, which was more active than ever.

"Uh…" Mallory uttered, a look of horror on his face.

Before he could say anything more, the front windows suddenly exploded as two of the winged beasts crashed through them. One of tried to attack Mallory with its talons while the other flew towards the two women. Diana screamed and darted for the back door. Mallory, who barely dodge the flying creature's attack, followed suit. Maggie picked up a chair a threw it at the swooping monstrosity, hitting one of it's wings. As the creature dropped to the ground, Maggie followed her friends out. Mallory managed to undo the locks just as Maggie joined them and bolted out. They found themselves in a large alley once they managed to turn on the flashlights.

"What the hell was that?!" Diana yelled, fighting back her tears.

Before any of them answered, the started hissing heavily again. All three of them turned to see three "dogs" galloping towards them from one end of the alley.

"Run!" Maggie yelled as she darted in the opposite direction. Her companions quickly did the same as the creatures ran closer. As the sliders ran, then turned numerous corners, the sounds of massive paws pounding on the pavement as well as flapping wings. Suddenly, a siren wailed in the distance and thin mist suddenly covered the ground. Then everything started to look hazy and the surroundings became a blur. Diana grew more frightened, tears streaming down her cheeks and blown in the wind behind her. But she noticed something peculiar. She realized that she was now running on metal due to the change in sounds, growing more confused and frightened. Still, her legs refused to cease moving as all three of them head further into the darkness.

Jason woke up to the loud, wailing sirens and rose from one of the beds in the firefighters' barracks. He grew slightly confused as his eyes strained against the darkness. Last thing he remembered, he was rummaging through the lounge area for something edible until he heard sirens wail in the distance… then everything went black. Just like now. The sirens started to fade in the distance and Jason started to feel around for his flashlight. After successfully finding it standing on the floor next to the bed, he flicked the switch. Then… everything looked completely different. Jason looked around and saw that he was lying on a moldy, dusty mattress, held up by a rusty frame. The same went for the other 7 beds, all of them bolted to the now debris-laden floor.

"What the hell?" he wondered aloud as his eyes panned from the rust and calx plastered walls to the door that's barely hanging on one hinge.

Jason stood up and felt his joints stiffen like he had woken up from a long slumber. While stretching, he heard footsteps coming from behind the door, like there was something limping.

"Hello?" Jason yelled. No answer but the limping noises continued. He immediately searched for the ax he found earlier and found it laying on top of a bed a few feet away. He was tempted to yell again, but his judgment wanted him to look first. Slowly, he walked towards the broken door until he was close enough to reach the rust covered doorknob…

As Remmy ran closer to the light's source, the luminous glow suddenly ceased. Using the last of his energy, he ran inside the building containing the light and quickly closed the door behind him, barricading himself against it as he caught his breath. The pain in his legs began to slowly disappear when he heard some shuffling coming from one of the nearby rooms. Too out of breath to yell, he slowly stood up and walked over to investigate, pipe in hand in case he had to fight. As soon as he walked in front of the door frame…


Suddenly, something large and metallic slammed against Remmy's forehead, knocking him off of his feet and slamming him against the wall. Remmy grunted as he vision started to go hazy.

"Oh my God. Oh my God. I am so sorry. I thought you were… Oh Jesus. Are you okay?"

Remmy looked up weakly and saw a young woman grabbing his shoulders and shaking him.

"Are you okay, mister? Oh God, oh God. I am so sorry."

Remmy had gotten a good look at her face before he blacked out, but before he did, he let out a weak whisper.


9 Remmy opened his eyes, his head now pulsing with pain. Though his vision was slightly impaired, he could make out a figure sitting across from him. He also felt that he was lying across some sort of leathery cushioning.

"Oh…" said the blur, slowly coming into focus. The voice was definitely female, Remmy thought. Then he remembered the events before he blacked out… running for his life, seeking refuge in an abandoned building… or it seemed abandoned, his throbbing head was proof otherwise. Suddenly he saw the figure rise from her spot and walk over to him.

"Are you alright, sir? I'm very sorry…" said the woman.

Remmy straightened himself and leaned closer for a clear look. The eyes, the short brown hair and the smooth skin…. The resemblance was unmistakable. Her breath hitting his face told him that she wasn't a hologram or any type of new fancy device.

"I thought you were…" she continued.

And her voice only confirmed Remmy's suspicions. The woman standing before him has to be Wade. Remmy opened his mouth, trying to say something… anything to her, but he could only utter a faint groan. As he gazed upon her presence, she kept rambling on her apology.

"I… saw your flashlight and it startled me. I guess I should have looked first than grabbed the nearest thing I can use as a weapon. How are you feeling?"

Remmy tried once again to answer but wasn't able to. It wasn't the after effects of the blow, since he could stand up on his own. The cause of his silence was shock. Shock to see his friend again. Dry and whole. Then Remmy started to think that maybe he died and they're both ghosts, waiting in the crossroads. As his mind began a conflict of emotions and thoughts. Remmy just stared at the young woman, tears slowly welling in his eyes.

"Oh… um…" the woman said, regaining her composure and sticking out her hand. "My name's Evelyn. Evelyn Wingrove. And… you are…"

It was like Remmy's heart had suddenly stopped beating (which proved the crossroad theory false) and his emotions stopped to a dead halt. What followed was confusion and disappointment. He was certain that the woman that was sanding before him was his once captured companion, standing and talking to him on two legs and feet, not bodiless in a modified fish tank.

Evelyn started to look uneasy, and began to withdraw her hand. "Um… Is there something wrong? … Are you… mad at me?" she said nervously.

Remmy slowly shook his head and wiped the salty droplets from his eyes. Even though this woman wasn't Wade, at least he wasn't alone in this God-forsaken place. He quickly regained his composure and spoke.

"Um… sorry. I guess I was still out of it. I'm Rembrandt Brown." He flashed a nervous smile and reach for her hand.

"Nice to meet you." She said, still sounding nervous. "Are you from this town?"

"I was just passing through with some friends of mine…" After saying that, he started to worry about Maggie, Diana, and Mallory.

"Your friends?" Evelyn said, interrupting Remmy's train of thought. "Where are they now?"

"Well… I… we were…" Remmy uttered, trying to find the right words to explain his answer, but found none. "Listen, do you now what happened here?"

"Um… no… I just woke up to this… There was this… this… 'thing' near me… and…"

Remmy seeing Evelyn becoming frantic about her past encounter, gently grabbed her shoulders.

"It's ok. Um, are you from Silent Hill?"

"No… Brahms, the next town over. I'm just… came here to visit my nana. I mean... everything was… normal, yesterday."

"I see. I have another question. Do you know that if this town was holding any… research centers… scientific facilities… laboratories…?

"No… All I know is that Silent Hill is a vacation spot. Nothing more or less about it. Why?"

"Well… it was just a random thought."

"… ok…"

"It's kinda hard to explain."

"So… what now?"

Remmy sat back down on the old leather couch and lowered his head. The first answer to the question was to find his friends ASAP but that asked another question… How? There is no way for contacting them and he was certain that they were looking for him as well. His head started to throb from not only trying to figure out how to get back to the fog world, but how he ended up here in the first place.

"You don't know either, huh?" Evelyn sighed, and sat next to her newfound friend.

Jason managed to pull the door open with all of his strength and stepped inside the doorway. The hallway was just as decrepit as the previous room. The dirt and calx laden walls were lined with aged wooden doors. Jason took a couple of steps forward and listened. Nothing. Not even a trace of the limping noises he heard earlier. He cautiously looked around, flashlight in one hand, an axe in another, and started for the nearest room, the lounge… or what should be the lounge. The large room was completely barren except for the floor was littered with dirty pages of old newspapers. In the middle of the room amidst all the debris lay an envelope. With curiosity and caution, he slowly approached it, picked it up, and read its contents.

Don't give up on me, hombre. You're almost there. Just hang tight.


Jason grimaced at this note.

"What the hell is going on?" he wondered aloud. As he held the note in his hand, his brain tried to make sense of the situation. Was this some kind of sick joke? So many things were left unexplained.

"This is NOT funny!" Jason yelled at the top of his lungs, his voice traveling and reflecting on the building's decrepit walls. Then he went back to thinking… what kind of joke would make an entire town disappear? And how would he…

Suddenly, Jason heard a new sound. He immediately silenced his thoughts and listened. Echoing throughout the hall was the sound of shuffling. Gripping his ax tight, Jason walked in the doorway and peered around. Nothing. Empty. But the sounds still went on, like something dragging on metal. Jason straightened up and started following the echoes, which led him towards the staircase leading to the garage, except these steps weren't stone. Each step were made with rusted chain-linked panels, all were linked by a thin, rusted piece of slab bolted to each panel on the sides. Jason swallowed the last of the saliva welling up in his mouth and cautiously walked down the stairs to investigate.

Maggie, Diana, and Mallory ran on, trying to elude pursuers of unknown origin. They finally made it to a long narrow lane of rusted chain-linked panels unsupported by any guardrails seemingly spanning endlessly into the darkness. After running a few yards, Diana suddenly lost her footing and tumbled on the rust-laden floor. Mallory took notice of the fall right away but Maggie kept running on.

"Maggie! Wait!" Diana called as Mallory hastily tried to pick her up. Maggie stopped and turned around the second she heard her friend yell… but before she could rejoin her, a large chain-linked panel before her broke itself off the walkway and dropped into the abyss. She managed to halt herself just in time before the found herself joining it.

"Diana!" she yelled as she shined her flashlight on her two companions across the gap. Mallory laid Diana's arm over his shoulders and barely dodged an attack from a winged beast. Then he and Diana started to head towards the opposite direction. Maggie looked at the newly formed gap, seeing that it was too big to jump. Then she saw the same monstrosity that attack her friends making a b-line towards her, so she had no choice but to head her separate way.

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