Celebrity Deathmatch: Sliders Edition!
-- By HurriKain --

Nick Diamond

[Introductory sequence]

<shows clay versions of Jerry O'Connell and Robert Floyd>
Two actors fighting for the dignity of the same character...or at least their egos.

<shows clay versions of Sabrina Lloyd and Kari Wuhrer>
A feud between two Sliders actresses will end tonight in blood.

<shows clay versions of Tracy Tormé and David Peckinpah>
It's a fight you don't want to miss! The kindly genius versus the idiotic tyrant...on the next....


J. Gomez: I'm Johnny Gomez.
N. Diamond: And I'm Nick Diamond.
J. Gomez: Tonight we pay tribute to a cult classic.
N. Diamond: That's right, Johnny. Sliders may be cancelled but the spirit of this dimension-hopping series is still alive tonight.
J. Gomez: So tonight, the theme will be...DEATH IN THE MULTIVERSE!!!! Lets start things off with a newly developing feud.


J. Gomez: You see, Jerry played the young physicist, Quinn Mallory, for four years of the show's life. But ever since the show moved to the Sci-Fi Channel, he developed a thirst for power.

N. Diamond: He became a producer in the series' 4th season and even brought his brother along for the slide. But when 5th season negotiations began, Jerry wanted to make his mark as Executive Producer.

J. Gomez: He wanted to do everything on the show... except act. And Scifi/Universal decided to draw the line, so he left and took his bad actor of a brother with him. When he saw Mallory acting out the role that he had been playing for so long, that bruised his already inflated ego, and he decided to handle this matter...personally.

N. Diamond: This could be a very gruesome one folks.

J. Gomez: Last show, we had to fire our interviewer, Debbie Matenopoulos, for she has no respect for the celebs nor us. So we hired Tembi Locke, also known as Doctor Diana Davis on Sliders. Tembi, how's things down there...

Tembi Locke <in locker room>: Well, I can feel the tension surrounding this very room. Right now I have Jerry O'Connell with me. JOC, any words before the fight?

JOC: Yeah, that turd has ruined my character's name for an entire year. And plus that guy acts and looks like a horse's ass. I mean, I can't see why SciFi would pick this guy to replace talent of my outstanding calibre.

T. Locke: I see....

JOC: And who do you think you are replacing my brother? Sure he's a little wet behind the ears and runs like a duck, but if they let him stay awhile, he would have gotten used to things...

T. Locke: Er...back to you Johnny.

J. Gomez: OK, its seems that both of our fighters are ready, let's go to our first bout...

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