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From: "Jeff Margulis" <>
Subject: Want to put Temporal Flux in his place?
Date: Fri, 23 Apr 1999 15:13:57 GMT

    I promised I wouldn't fuel the fire in a NEW topic post, and in a way I don't want more fighting. However, since you seem so anxious to get back at Flux there is a great way to do it.

    First of all, I know from your SLIDERS posts that you are an intelligent guy. So why have you attacks on TF been so childish? Several people (who I doubt are his alter egos because their posting styles are radically different from his, and they never fought with me) yelled at you. So I suggest you change your approach with him.

    Since as you said I've "passed the torch", try taking on Flux the way that I did -- but take it a major step forward. Instead of posting links and referring to our versions of "ancient" events that hurt each other, why don't you make a compilation of Temporal Flux's Most Embarrasing Moments?

    I can think of a number of flame war posts, not only against me but other people on the MCA SLIDERS NetForum as well. Oh, Flux turned a few users against me at MCA (such as Braniac5, who rarely shows up on The Dominion and has no TV-related contributions whatsoever AND Prefect, who was only at MCA and mysteriously disappered months ago).

    But remember the long-time feud between Syrup and Flux? Syrup once provided Daniel with a LONG series of links in a single post that prove our mutual enemy to be a boldfaced liar. I wish I had the time and patience to look through 2 years of MCA archives but I don't. And it's a pain in the ass, when you click on COMPLETE TOPIC LISTING the authors of the messages don't appear. If you want to do your homework you can come up with some great winners. I can't cut & paste on this damned public library computer (I work part time as a temp, and I have an irregular work schedule currently).

    But I know you can repost entire messages. I recommend you leave nothing edited out in an assult against the Fluxman. You might want to start with an MCA post that I can give you the exact date of and you know it from my Dominion message --- November 7, 1997. Go back and retrieve Flux's "Apology" post to the people of the NetForum in which he said he would never return. Follow that with his "bet" with me, that if SLIDERS were cancelled by FOX in 1997 that he would leave the board forever. If he won, I would have to re-log onto the NetForum with a new handle. Well, I was more forgiving of his crap back then so I didn't take him up on it. I always based it on the ever-decreasing ratings, but I didn't gloat too much after he was proven wrong.

    Whether you want to go beyond just a few anti-Flux messages on The Dominion, is up to you. You might want to, but only after he retaliates. And also be sure to include those original posts in NEW topics, however, original responses (by those who made them so long ago) to the embarrasing messages can be included in response to your own topic. I have some more suggestions if you're interested, but you'll have to do your homework if you want to obtain those posts! You can take his worst moments from The Dominion as well.

    Daniel will no doubt fight every step of the way, but you said you didn't care. This is your chance to let loose! Whether you want to post them as Danbagel or not is up to you. But I have a better idea: Temporal Flux destroyed both the FOX and TV GUIDE Sliders boards by flaming me on both with several aliases. That's one of the reasons they no longer exist. One of those aliases I suspect -- on the TV GUIDE board only was The_Critic. Now as Critic, he posted a long series of anti-Executive posts against me for my MCA feuds with Flux. Taking Flux's side (duh!) he re-posted a LOT of my messages but ruined their integrity and meaning by interrupting every other line with a lame-ass comment or joke that was intended to me look bad * no matter what I said *. Several people popped out of nowhere to attack me, yet other than "The_Critic" they * never * discussed SLIDERS. Months later, after the TV GUIDE boards were shut down (their were occasional flame wars on a few of the other boards that Flux and I had nothing to do with because I know he only uses SLIDERS forums) The_Critic posted on the original MCA NetForum. This was just last month after "Way Out West" aired. He calmly responded to my MCA post without flaming me.

    However, The_Critic has never posted on The Dominion. Why don't you secretly post a series of anti-Flux messages as I previously suggested in his name WITHOUT inserting any jokes or comments in between the lines. Let the original posts speak for themselves, and then you can comment later if you wish. This way, nobody will come down on Danbagel because it was "another" individual who caused that war to occur! Flux will remember "The_Critic" and say that he knew him on the TV GUIDE board, etc. etc., etc... You get the idea!

    Let me know what you think. What's your real first name anyway?

    JEFF (a.k.a. "The Executive")

From: "Jeff Margulis" <>
Subject: Are there two of you?
Date: Fri, 23 Apr 1999 22:44:48 GMT

    I noticed you used the names Darryl and Neil in responding. Who is Neil?

    Anyway, good luck in your new job. As for your bringing Daniel down a few pegs I've done it too many times (in response to his attacks mostly), but it never seems to work. No matter how hard I've tried that bastard just never learns. He has no humility, and has only admitted he was wrong ONCE in an entire post when Matt Hutaff (SpaceTime) called him on it on the MCA board like a year ago. You already know the details if you read SpaceTime's post under my Dominion topic #5073. That doesn't mean you can't have fun with the idea even BEFORE you start your job. It should take you about 15 minutes total to get one post and only one just for starters -- the November 7, 1997 NetForum apology post in Flux's own words. I would love to read it all again for a good laugh, and to see what some of The Dominion folks have to say the first time many of them see it. I know Matt enjoyed it when I posted the link to it on the MCA board during his 1998 encounter with Flux, but by then TF's attitude and months of reruns had driven away many of the regular users -- only a handful of which have since returned.

    Flux or "Fux" seems to have cooled down now, and as a result I have too. So instead of a barrage of posts against him, I suggest you go with just that one for now (I'm repeating myself). But if you won't be on-line this weekend, I guess it will have to wait. I think now would be the best time, because it's on the weekend when most people will see it! All you have to do after clicking on the NetForum's complete topic listing is to scroll down to all of the November 7 posts. They are listed by date, and I seem to recall Flux's exodus being one of the first written that day. The choice is your, my friend...

    Have a good one,


From: "Jeff Margulis" <>
Subject: Almost forgot, Darryl
Date: Fri, 23 Apr 1999 23:00:14 GMT

    Whatever you do, do NOT announce you are leaving. Even on other TV discussion boards that I use (all of which I'm proud to say are flame-war free and ALL of us get along) I always thought it was silly for people to announce they are going away or leaving. That's why I rarely do it, but only because my plans change from day to day. Some days I work and others I'm off, and my schedule is unpredictable because I'm a temporary laborer. I'm also an entrepenuer. If you want to check out my Business Opportunities Bulletin Board, I'll give you my address. It doesn't have anyone posting yet, because I still have to get the board publicized. So far the free method (submitting my URL and description to over 2 dozen search engines) has not gotten it noticed. I'm think of going with a Pennysaver or Shopper's Guide ad for $20 (one issue as a test) but not for at least another week or two...

    Anyway, back to my original point --- if you told The Dominion that you were going for good, and logged back on with a new name a few users would put 2 and 2 together and figure it was probably Danbagel. Or they would be totally speculative and go with Mr. Mallory, Snort, Happy Snort, RealRealSlider, or who knows -- maybe even The Executive? Well, I wasn't kidding when I said that I've always posted as Executive and The Executive. I don't hide behind other handles like the Fuxman.

    As long as you post your comments in a literate manner under your new alias, you should address Daniel in the same way that he normally does. (That's the only positive thing I can say about him -- that he uses words very well). I think you'll get more support that way, although you can slip in a few insults and curse words now and then. Just try to keep yourself looking better than him at all times, and I think we'll win a few more people over to our side. Sooner or later he will crack again and have another of his psychotic episodes like a few days ago (when he forgot to take his medication). The_Critic has frequently been as literate as Fux and that's why I think they are one in the same. I could be wrong, but they are both jerkoffs. I would consider it a BIG favor if you became him and kill 2 birds with one stone. ;-)

    Man, I've been typing too much tonight. The good thing is that my job next week is near the library so I'll still be able to get on-line after work.

    Time to go home, cook dinner, and watch the SLIDERS season finale!


From: "Jeff Margulis" <>
Subject: Guess what, Darryl?
Date: Sat, 24 Apr 1999 15:58:44 GMT

    With the new Netscape 4.0 installed some of the terminals here CAN cut and paste. I experimented with the November * 6 * apology post by Flux to the people of the MCA NetForum. It pasted perfectly onto the Dominion. Of course, I didn't want to post with my real handle. So for the first time ever I did a TF and created a new alias!

    Anything posted by Daniel2 on the Dominion will be me. As I'm writing this my new password hasn't been verified (I even used a phony Hotmail address --

    Oh yeah, The_Critic and Critic are already in use on The Dominion even though he has never posted under that name. Looks like you'll have to pick a new one! Maybe we can both do this....


From: "Jeff Margulis" <>
Subject: How would you like a few laughs?
Date: Sat, 24 Apr 1999 20:50:49 GMT

    Darryl ---

    Well, I got the ball rolling! As Daniel_2 I posted four anti-Flux posts. Three of them are Flux in his own words --- uncut and uninterrupted. All of them show his argumentative nature. The 4th is by SpaceTime, who in 1998 publically pointed out what a jerkoff Daniel is AND how he corrected an entire post of erroneous info that Flux wrote about David Peckinpah (still trying to find the original and Flux's retraction posts but no luck -- this is the next best thing!!!)

    SpaceTime no longer considers himself Flux's enemy (and fortunately he doesn't hate me either), but some of us are much better at holding grudges! ;-)

    Be sure to read through some LONG messages with topics #5173 ("A Funny Post for the Whole Board"), followed closely by the others which all have TF's name in the title: #5181, 5184, and 5186.

    I cut and pasting them all on Saturday (with new intros by my first -- and last alter ego) --- perfect for a massive weekend reading by a number of users!!

    Have fun,


From: "Jeff Margulis" <>
Subject: Re: How could you?
Date: Sun, 25 Apr 1999 18:15:38 GMT

    > Hi Jeff,
    > You need to say or do something on the board. I went there to read it and
    > EVERYBODY is accusing me of this. They assume that since I left and you
    > showed up with the Daniel 2 name that it is me.
    > I need you to convince them that it is not.

    > Thanks,
    > Darryl

    Darryl ----

    I'm sorry it didn't work out also, but at least it was fun to see Flux have to defend himself by telling the "whole" story (at least his side of it) in each of the 4 posts!!

    Now you know why I told you not to announce you were leaving. I don't know how to convince anyone that it wasn't you who posted those anti-Flux messages. If I make the attempt to clear your name, they will think I did it --- which means we're back to Square One!

    In my past bouts with Temporal Flux on just The Dominion alone I had gotten a total of 3 E-mails -- from 3 different people who weren't taking sides, they just wanted my take on the feud. Now you know why I don't give my E-mail address away on any board that Daniel frequents!

    As for the handle "Daniel_2" I picked it because (A) The_Critic was already being used and (B) I thought it was cute to parody Temporal Flux's real name. The last thing I was expecting was that people would think that "Daniel = Danbagel"... Yet it was Flux himself that pointed that out. In fact, if he didn't make such a stink over the Spoiler Controversy back in October (when I posted my reviews to episodes that wouldn't be seen here in the U.S. until months later) NOBODY would have come down on me. In fact, when about 5 people did I relented and apologized and decided to start putting (SP) as spoiler warnings.

    Just remember that I pointed out "The Critic" as being the former handle for Daniel_2. Let's not forget that "Mr. Mallory" (real name is Ryan -- although I never E-mailed him) and "Snort" (who has been around The Dominion since before I got there) also flamed TF just last week yet nobody accused them. So why danbagel???

    By the way, if you don't mind my asking, why didn't you post on The Dominion for all of these months? Up until recently I missed seeing the "danbagel" name and your SLIDERS comments.


From: "Jeff Margulis" <>
Subject: One last thing on this topic, Darryl
Date: Sun, 25 Apr 1999 18:21:20 GMT

    How can you say I sounded like you? I was posting like I always do, with just a few minor changes in text (like typing T.F. instead of TF and "Temp. Flux" instead of "Flux"). By putting down myself I was trying to convey that it was in fact "The Critic", since he was 50 times rougher on me than I was on Flux in re-posting anti-Exec messages on the TV GUIDE Sliders board back in July 1998. Daniel was obviously convinced that The Critic was Daniel_2, which I expected. I didn't think he would take it a step furthur and accuse you but that's how warped he is...

Convinced yet?

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