The Sliders Phone Booth Web Site

"We call in two hours. Call with us!"
"I'll never dial collect again!"

"That which is beautiful is not always a phone booth... but that which is a phone booth, is always beautiful."

"Think about that, Quinn. No-one used cell phones, and a stranger was welcomed with long-distance rebates."

"Walk softly, and carry a big booth."

"This is how it all started. Just a number in the book. God knows where it will lead us... what charges..."

"You can't give him that blue box! He'll be able to call long-distance for free!"
"It's done."

"E.T. Booth Home!"

"1-800-Collect. It's a simple number. Much simpler than the one I dialed for you..."

All we have to fear is a really big phone booth.
Fuck fear. That's nothing compared to this.