Earth 71999 - Read Episode 6. That's all I'm saying.

Earthprime - This site has a couple of neat facts and helped me confirm all the stuff I already knew.

The Sliders Dead Man Sliding Alien World Website - Because short, green and moldy is an underrated look.

The Sliders Airplane Runway Website - Dedicated to the five-second tag world cut from "El Sid," which would have featured the team landing on an airplane runway.

The Sliders Roller Derby Gear World Website - Everything we know about the world prior to "Invasion" where Rembrandt bought his "Sliding Pads." Latest theory: it may actually have been Runway World.

The Other Crappiest, Most Underdeveloped World Premises of Sliders - We......must have slid into the Sliders Future World Website! - This site is even better-looking than mine!