History of the Booth

Sliders'  second season was a rollicking sci-fi adventure, worthy of virtually anything the tube has yet produced. Episodes such as "Invasion" and "Post-Traumatic Slide Syndrome" have cemented Tracy Tormé's place in the pantheon of literary genius. Yet as our four intrepid heroes hurtled through worlds of dinosaurs, earthquakes, mobsters, psychics and aliens, none knew the fate that awaited them... the final, climactic showdown on the second season's ultimate Earth...

Phone Booth World.

Yes, this was the payoff fans had waited since the Pilot to see. A twenty-second scene, yet one layered with such subtlety and impact it was unlike anything seen before or since. A scene in which Quinn battled his inner demons... against the eerie backdrop of a Pacific Bell Phone Booth.

Trivia fact: In a clever nod to continuity, the producers have placed phone booths in the background of several episodes since! Can you spot them all?