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Earth 69: Links

    Buffy: Not Exactly GenesisWhat if David Peckinpah fell asleep watching "Buffy" reruns on FX, and dreamed of applying his formula for show ruination to Whedonland?
    Alternative Programme GuideA hilarious Peck-style retelling of "Doctor Who," featuring such classic entries as "GoBot," "The Macramé Terror," and my personal favourite, "Doctor Who Kills Some Midgets."
    Terra Alpha-69It's true: Earth 69 has been translated into Italian. I have no idea why "Princess of Wails" has been retitled "The Inalienable Fatso," but these folks did an awesome job nonetheless!
    PeckinpornI also have no idea why you'd want to befoul your eyes reading disgusting X-rated fanfiction about David Peckinpah, but such a thing truly does exist. (Sample line: "Oh yes, ugh, argh, uggh!!! Mr Peck!!!!")

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