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Quinn Mallory..............................Jerry O'Connell

Maggie Beckett.................................Kari Wuhrer

Colleen Mallory.......................Colleen T. Appletree

Rembrandt "Navy Man" Brown...............Cleavant Derricks


Executive Producer.........................David Peckinpah

Holder of Token Consultant Position............Tracy Tormé

Producers......................................Chris Black

                                                 Bill Dial

Weaselly Story Editor.........................Keith Damron


Jerry O'Connell

as Quinn Mallory
A handsome young stud with a knack for punching out the bad guys.
O'Connell, brother of Olympic gold medal-winning sprinter Charlie O'Connell, considers Sliders the best job an actor could have. "Each week is a fresh challenge. You just never know what the writers are going to throw at you next: Ggamorks in Nazi suits, Ggamorks in tanks, Ggamorks in clown costumes... That's the great part about a show like this, the infinite possibilities."

The actor's film roles include Jerry O'Guire, Centerfold Girl, and the title role in Jerry's Apartment (that of the apartment, we suppose.) He is also featured in a documentary about living heart donors, The Beat Must Go On.

O'Connell lives in a New York tenement slum with the cast of Stand By Me.


Colleen T. Appletree

as Colleen
Quinn's naïve but kind-hearted sister from a pre-industrial Earth.
Appletree, who counts Sliders as her first starring TV role, tells us through her publicist that she's "branching out" into stage drama once hiatus arrives. She's already beaten out all comers for the coveted role of the dying tree in Waiting For Godot, and has only to shed 60 pounds before stepping under the floodlights.

The young up-and-comer credits growing up in the shadow of her several older brothers for the drive that's helped her succeed in show business. "Each day was a struggle to absorb enough water and sunlight," she explains. "It wasn't until moving to LA that I was comfortable enough to put down roots."

The native of Woodbine, Virginia can presently be seen opposite Harrison Ford in Back to the Future V, as the third tree from the left on the road into Hill Valley.


Kari Wuhrer

as Maggie Beckett
A flaky ditz of an ex-military officer who enlists with the sliders for the hell of it.

Marginally distinguished actress Wuhrer has enjoyed roles in a diverse spate of films, a few of which even depicted her wearing a shirt. She credits Viagra for the drive that's helped her succeed in show business, as well as for her new line of commercials promoting the drug: "Made for a man, strong enough for a woman."

One particularly vivid set of sensations she shared with us was the night Sliders rose, phoenix-like, from the ashes of cancellation. "I was sure we were down the tubes, because, like, even I could see we sucked. [giggle] But we were picked up, and I've found a lot of this year's stories really have the power to touch me. I think it's the mix of worlds that does it: happy worlds, manic-depressive worlds, and an occasional hell for good measure."

Wuhrer lives in the red-light district of LA with a Doberman and her pimp.


Cleavant Derricks

as Rembrandt "Navy Man" Brown
The dramatic, embittered character haunted by his run-ins with the Ggamorks.
Tony Award-winning Derricks is pleased as punch about Sliders' current state, the FOX Network and Executive Producer David Peckinpah. "Quite frankly? I think the FOX network is the biggest load of [great original programming] to hit the airwaves since ALF walked the Earth. Every single script we send them gets [immeasurably improved] to the point where it's not even [slightly imperfect] anymore. And don't get me started on [Peckinpah]. If I ever get my hands on that [all-around nice guy], the [compliments] are going to be flying..."

Derricks adds that he has enjoyed working with all the cast members, but Appletree is the most thoughtful and easiest to get along with.

The actor and singer is presently in the studio, recording a CD of teen girl death songs. It will be specially designed to pop out of a car's CD player for quick, safe retrieval, should you crash on the railroad tracks.


John Rhys-Davies
as Professor Max O'Million-Arturo

Noted actor John Rhys-Davies brought the full weight of his formidable stage presence to bear on two first-season episodes of Sliders, Pilot (in which his character is killed) and This Slide of the Last of Paradise Lost (in which he contributes nothing to the plot).

The actor's films include Raiders of the Lost Ark, The Lost World, Indiana Jones and the Lost Crusade, Lost Horizon, Lost Boys, and Lost in Space.

Mr. Rhys-Davies was unavailable for printable comment.


Sabrina Lloyd
as Wade Welles

Sabrina Lloyd starred as brainy computer whiz Wade Welles, who lost her life in a tragic accident involving a speeding car, wild dogs and a grand piano, but was revived to be eternally raped by talking monkeys.

Hailing from Eustis, Florida, Lloyd began her acting career at the age of 12 when she starred in a local production of the musical Annie, Get Your Gun. She continued her involvement in local community theatre and went on to appear in such productions as The Wizard of Oz, in which she gained 90 pounds to play the Scarecrow.

Lloyd informs us that she's currently working on Sports Night, a new sitcom set to premiere this fall. "It's about the cast of a sitcom about a sports news TV show," she explains. "My character Natalie Hurley is an actress, who plays the gofer, Sabrina Lloyd."


David Peckinpah
E x e c u t i v e Producer

David Peckinpah brings a wealth of film experience to his duties on Sliders, namely being fired a bunch of times by his uncle. He first came to our attention as winner of the Slide It Yourself contest, intended to scout for writers to work on the as-yet-unaired show. Mr. Peckinpah swept to first place with a pitch that involved Godzilla, a monster truck and an enormous vat of Vasoline.

As producer of Silk Stalkings, the man we at FOX affectionately call "The Pecker" refined cruel treatment of departing characters to an art form. Our personal favourite is the one where Rita was placed in a human-sized Ziploc bag and left to asphyxiate (all offscreen, of course.)

As we wrap up our interview, Peckinpah seems eager to return to work: "If you'll excuse me, I'd like to go do Kari now. [Pause] I mean, uh, do Kari's nails. I always do her nails for her before we have sex."


Tracy Tormé
Holder of Token Consultant Position

The daughter of legendary rap singer Mel Tormé, Tracy insists that she is in fact a man. Of course, her name belies this laughable assertion.

When prompted for a comment about the exciting new second season of Sliders, the writer/producer spat over her shoulder and cursed like a drunken sailor. It's behaviour like this that earned her a reputation around FOX as a loose cannon, as while as her firing the scripts we send her out of one.

Tormé is presently gearing up for Doomsday, a new series set to premiere on UPN in the fall of 1998. "It's a very dark, pessimistic show about nuclear holocaust," she avers, "so of course to sell it to UPN, I had to tell them it was a cartoon co-produced with Howard Stern or Amy Carter or something. Unfortunately we forgot to change it, and now I'm stuck writing a show that has Howard Stern as the voice of a dog."

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